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RESOURCES Wholesale craft and sewing supplies. Batting, books, crafts, fabrics, interfacing, gifts, needleart, patterns, notions, thread and zippers. Brand name quilt fabric. Wholesale only. USA. Wholesale fabric distributor: selling to verifiable businesses, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other distributors. Brand name fabrics. Wholesale - small minimums. Craft supplies including kid crafts, seasonal projects, home decor, jewelry supplies, wood, scrapbooking, packages and boxes and much more. We are a wholesale quilt supply warehouse dedicated to offering the best fabrics, notions, and books available to retailers, manufacturers, and cottage industries worldwide. Brand name quilt fabric. New England Quilt Supply is wholesale only. Wholesale craft and sewing supplies including notions, books and patterns, thread, interfacing and stabilizers, batting, cutting tools, dyes, needlework supplies and more. Located in Canada.

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