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foam, insulation, oilcloth & more

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UTILITY MESH  100% polyester utility mesh for lingerie laundry bags, window washing squeegees, scrubbers, tote bags, beach bags, shoe bags, and other utility bags. Use for backing for Afghan weaving.

Fusible Fleece & Hot Pad Insulation   Make placemats in a snap - fuse fleece to top layer of fabric. No need for batting. Add padding to picture frames, boxes and other projects. Just press with iron, fusing the fleece onto item, then top with fabric. Use insulation for hot pads, oven mits, tea cozies, lunch boxes and more.

Learn To Make Pre-Quilted Fabric   Can't find pre-quilted fabric? It's easy to make. Just follow our step-by-step instructions.

Iron On Vinyl   Fusible vinyl for crafts and sewing projects.

Cotton Canvas   Organic canvas and 58"-60" cotton canvas

AUTOMOTIVE, OUTDOOR, HOME DECOR VINYL Vinyl fabric for home, hospital, marine and automotive.

OILCLOTH, MINKEE, COTTON CHENILLE Bold cotton prints, minkee fabric, oilcloth, hip sewing patterns, and alternative embroidery patterns.

PRE-QUILTED FABRIC   Extensive selection of beautiful prequilted fabrics. We prequilt a large number of fabrics, creating a unique selection. Always in stock. Always 15% below retail. We also carry lace, corduroy, minkee, denim, flannel and much more.

CRYPTON FABRIC: STAIN, MOISTURE, ODOR, & BACTERIA RESISTANT   Crypton is leading the performance textile industry, being the only textile that is stain, water, and bacteria resistant. Nothing gets through Crypton to the cushion...nothing. Available in options like Suede, Smart Suede, Twill, Metro, Wovens, Prints, and now introducing Velvet. The range of application for this fabric continues to grow from upholstery to wall-coverings, slip covers, shower curtains, bed spreads for kids, umbrellas, etc.

Craft Fabrics Lame, leatherette, metallic mesh, netting, canvas, fur and more.

UPHOLSTERY & TEXTILE SUPERSTORE Upholstery and accessories for automotive, marine, and household needs. Wholesale to the public.

HEAVY RIBBING Great for jacket bottom, cuffs etc. Type in search term "ribbing".

SUNBRELLA® FABRIC Large selection of Sunbrella® Fabrics, plus Marine Fasteners, Grommets, Zippers & Tools
These fabrics are the international standards for industries such as Awnings, Marine Canvas, Outdoor Furniture and many more. Great prices.


CANVAS FABRIC/ DISCOUNT TOWELS  Quality textiles including artist canvas, lightweight canvas, army duck canvas, unprimed natural canvas and towel products.

MESH FABRIC Perfect for mesh cosmetic bags etc.
HUCK TOWELING  100% cotton huck cloth. Can be used for Nordic weaving or cross stitch to create beautiful hand towel or other item. This soft fabric also makes nice cleaning and drying cloths.

BROAD VARIETY OF FABRIC  Delicates, faux fur, PVC fabric, denim, stretch, vinyls, and miscellaneous fabrics all in one site.

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