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Flip & Sew Tutorial

Earth Curves & Solar Flares

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earth curves and solar flares flip and sew
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Page 1: supplies & create strips
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What Is Flip & Sew?

Designer: Christina Sherrod

"Flip & Sew" is a technique that stitches strips of fabric together by placing a fabric piece over another on the right side, and then flipping the fabric over for sewing. The pattern is traced onto a piece of backing fabric. Fabric strips are pinned into place and sewing is done on the BACK of the project piece. When finished, the top is already "quilted" to the backing. Batting can be placed between the top layer and backing during stitching.

I used the flip & sew technique to create "Earth Curves" and "Solar Flares" (shown above). Earth Curves was turned into a wall hanging. Solar Flares went into a metal photo frame and was hung on the wall.

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Project Size - Solar Flares

This tutorial will create a piece the size of "Solar Flares", which fits into an 8" x 10" photo frame. Change dimensions to suit your project.

NOTE: My strips are all cut at an angle in order to create the curve of the earth and sun. Strips can also be cut in equal widths (to create straight rows).


One 12" x 14" piece of backing fabric (muslin or solid light color cotton). 

five strips of fabric, each measuring 4" x 22"

optional: 8" x 10" photo frame (with or without glass) *

* I removed the glass for my project 

Sewing Supplies
sewing scissors
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)

Our patterns download as pdf files. For instructions on downloading pdf files, 
go to: pdf instructions.

Flip and Sew Quilt Block Pattern 
Download the pattern.

trace pattern and create strips

All seams are 1/4"


Cut four strips of coordinating fabric, each measuring 4" x 22". 
Cut one piece of backing fabric, 12" x 14".

NOTE: The photos were taken of a different project, so the fabrics are not the same as those of "Solar Flares". The technique is the same.


trace patternTape the pattern to a window (or use a light box). Place the muslin or backing, wrong side up, over the pattern and trace the pattern onto the muslin. Remove the pattern and fabric from the window. 

Turn the fabric over (right side up) and trace over the line that shows through the lower right corner. Only that one line will be drawn onto the right side of the fabric.


stitched rowsLay out your four rows of fabric. Stitch rows together, right sides together. Press seams in one directions. 


cut rowsPlace fabric so that the stitched rows run vertically. Cut into five horizontal rows, each 4" wide. 


cut rows Place the backing piece right side up so that the one line shows in the lower right hand corner. Place piece 1 right side up over line so that its upper edge overlaps the line 1/4".

Do NOT pin or stitch yet

In the photo, the pattern a bit of the line shows under the fabric strip.


cut rowsPlace piece 2 over piece one, right sides together, lining up upper edges, but not seams. Seams should be at least 1/4" off. In other words, piece 2 seams are slightly to the right of piece 1 seams. Both pieces' upper edges overlap the line 1/4". Pin pieces into place.

Do NOT stitch

Continue to page 2 for flip and sew directions

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Page 1: supplies & create strips
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