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free motion embroidery

Free Motion
Machine Embroidery

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Free Motion Embroidery

Free motion machine embroidery is actually very easy. It requires only your sewing machine and a darning foot (which is usually included with the purchase of a sewing machine). No expensive, special equipment is needed. Use the darning setting on the sewing machine, and replace the regular foot with a darning foot.

The photo on the right shows a darning foot. It has an open space that provides a good view of the fabric. This foot shown is actually an open circle.

Lower the feed dogs. Why? Feed dogs hold the fabric between the foot and the plate. Normally, with regular sewing, feed dogs feed the fabric through as it is being stitched. For free motion embroidery, you control the movement of the fabric. Turning and moving the fabric in different directions creates the embroidery effect.

Follow instructions for your machine regarding installation of the darning foot and lowering the feed dogs. My machine has a setting for the presser foot that keeps the foot slightly elevated (barely off the fabric). This allows "free motion" of the fabric. The needle simply goes up and down as usual, but the fabric is not fed by the feed dogs. I move the fabric around as the stitching occurs.
draw embroidery lines
darning foot
DIRECTIONS Using a washable fabric marker, lightly draw in the branches and small grasses etc. that you wish to embroider. Place stabilizer under your piece, in the area that will be embroidered. DO NOT OMIT THE STABILIZER. Stabilizer is very necessary because it adds the correct body and thickness to the fabric being embroidered. Place the fabric under the needle and start to stitch. Move the fabric in various directions as the needle goes up and down. Run backward, forward, in circles, etc. The photo on the right shows the wrong side with stabilizer.

Practice Use scraps of fabric until you feel comfortable. It really is very easy!

Thread The right thread makes the embroidery really stand out. We sell a wide variety of blendable threads that create beautiful effects. The colors change throughout the stitches, adding interesting color and texture to embroidered twigs, branches, grasses, shrubs, etc.

Examples Of Free Motion Embroidery

free motion embroidery
grass, vines, fence detail
free pattern
free motion embroidery
coal, carrot, branch fingers
free pattern
free motion embroidery
cactus detail
free pattern

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