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egg decorating board

Easter Egg
Decorating Board

hold eggs in place
during decorating

works for real shells (empty)
or styrofoam

Also see: Easter Patterns


warning: nails are sharp: children will need supervision

Egg Holder

Whether working with styrofoam or a real egg shell, the egg must be held in place while you decorate it. This easy-to-make board does the trick. Keep your hands free while brushing on paint or decoupage, adding rhinestones, stickers, etc.

If working with a real shell, punch a tiny hole on each end of the uncooked egg. Blow from one end to blow the contents of the egg out through the other end. Be careful not to break the shell. When emptied of contents, place the shell onto the nail on the board by carefully placing the hole onto the nail.


1 board measuring 18" to 24" long, and about 1/4" to 1/2" thick

3 nails long enough to go through board and hold egg in place.


Creating Board

1. Cut the board to the dimensions stated above.

2. Drive 3 nails through board. Place one in the center and one close to each end. The nails must go through board and stick through far enough so that the egg can be pushed down onto it.

nail in egg decorating board egg decorating board

Styrofoam Eggs

Using fine sand paper, sand off ridges and rough areas. Push one end of the styrofoam egg down onto the sharp end of the nail.

Real Egg Shells

Use a pin to create a small hole on each end of the raw egg shell. Place one hole next to your mouth and blow. The egg contents will come through the other end's opening. When the egg shell is empty, carefully place the hole of one end over the sharp end of a nail. Don't push on the shell or you will break it. The hole in the egg shell must be large enough to accommodate the nail.

mosaic fabric egg
Mosaic Decoupage Fabric Egg
Mosaic Fabric Egg
Create a beautiful mosaic fabric egg using fabric scraps, a styrofoam egg and decoupage medium.

mosaic fabric egg free pattern

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