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Easter Applique

Easter Applique

wall hanging or quilt block

Part of our seasonal wall hanging series

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Finished size approx imately 19.5" x 19.5"


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4. Assemble Tulips / Create Other Items

Assemble each tulip by laying stem onto pressing sheet. Lay tulip top over stem top, then lay leaves over the stem, covering stem base.

Cut out eggs, basket pieces, bow, and butterfly pieces.

5. Lay Out All Pieces Set butterfly aside. Lay out all other pieces onto background fabric. I found that if I placed the tulip stems 3" from sides, the rest fell nicely into place. I placed my stem pieces 2" up from the bottom of my background piece, and the basket bottom about 3" up from the bottom of the background piece.

Lay down tulips first. Then lay out basket handle, followed by main basket and then trim. Tuck eggs into basket.

Play around with your placement until you are happy with the overall appearance. DO NOT iron into place until you are absolutely sure of placement.

Remember: DO NOT iron the butterfly into place yet.

When happy with placement, iron over all pieces. The pieces will now be fused to the background.

Tulip A Tulip B

Finish your piece by adding a border to the four sides. Cut two strips of border fabric 16.5" x 2" and stitch to top and bottom of the block. Press seams. Cut two strips of 19.5" x 19.5" strips of border fabric and stitch to sides of the block. NOTE: I had not fused on the leaves when I took this photo. Your leaves should already be in place at this point. borders

Fuse the butterfly into place by overlapping the upper wing and the upper border.

Follow the instructions for Christmas Wall Hanging for layering, binding and hanging your new Easter Wall Hanging.

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