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Drawstring Gift Bag &

Brownie Mix Recipe Page 2

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drawstring bag pattern with brownie recipe
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Page 2: directions for drawstring bag
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Drawstring Bag Directions

Designer: Christina Sherrod

The overall size of the bag will be approx. 9" wide x 12" tall, plus the ruffle above the casing. Go to page one for a list of supplies.

1. Turn Under Ends

press under each end Turn under 1/4" on each end. Press. Do not stitch.

2. Stitch Side Seams

stitch sides Fold fabric in half so that turned under edges are aligned on one end. Mark 14" from the fold on each side of your bag. Mark 1/2" up from the first mark. Stitch from the fold up to the first mark. Stitch from the second mark to the top of the bag. You should have a 1/2" gap in the stitching. Repeat on the opposite side of the bag. This open area will become the opening for the drawstring when the casing is finished. Press seams open.

3. Create Mitered Corners (Optional)

To help your bag stand nicely, corners can be created on the bottom of the bag. I provide directions for creating mitered corners on my Easy Tote Bag tutorial. Go to: Easy Tote Bag.

4. Create Casings

stitch casings With the bag still inside out, fold the upper edge down so that the edge of your bag comes just past your side openings (the opening in the seam). In other words, the side openings are now underneath the area that is folded down. The area folded down will be the facing for the top of the bag. My folded area measured 3.5". Press along fold line. Be sure the fold line is straight and the distance from the fold to the lower edge of the facing is equal on both sides.

Stitch along the lower edge of the facing, all the way around, very close to the edge. 

Turn the bag right side out. Note where the side openings are. Stitch a second line above the side openings. You should now have a stitched line on each side of the openings created for the drawstring. The two stitched lines created the casing for the drawstring.

NOTE: The diagram on the upper right shows the two stitched lines for the casing with the bag inside out.

5. Create Ties

drawstring bag Cut two pieces of 1/4" or 1/2" ribbon OR create ties. To create ties, cut two 30" x 1.25" strips of fabric. Iron under the two short ends of each strip, 1/4". Iron under the long sides of each strip, 1/4". Fold the strips lengthwise, wrong sides together. Press. Stitch around the three open sides of each strip.

Attach a safety pin to the end of one tie or ribbon. Thread the tie or ribbon through one opening, all the way around through the casing and out the same opening it entered. Remove the safety pin and tie the ends of ribbon or tie together to create the first drawstring.

Repeat with the other tie or ribbon, but thread it through using the opposite opening. Remove the safety pin and tie off the ends of the second tie to create the second drawstring. Pull the drawstrings to close your bag.

NOTE:The fabric I used was new and a bit stiff, so my ties didn't pull easily at first. I pulled them so the bag closed, then opened the bag, then repeated the process a few times. After a few "practice runs" my ties worked beautifully and my drawstring bag opened and closed easily.

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Page 2: directions for drawstring bag
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