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National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts
The organization that brings into one family all who love miniature dollhouse furniture, miniature dollhouses, and the artistry and craftsmanship of all things small.

Designs & Plans

Dollhouse Designs   Downloadable one inch scale, dimensioned, detailed plans for dollhouses at very reasonable prices. Great for woodworking, hobby, and miniature projects!

Kits, Furniture & Supplies

Miniature House Supplies   Building supplies for miniature houses, including fabric, carpets and flooring, furniture, dolls, dollhouses, room boxes, wallpaper and much more.

Miniature Woven Carpets   Our miniature rug is woven, not stamped or printed. White fringes on both sides. These intricately woven miniature pieces are perfect for the delicately decorated and accented doll house.

Dollhouses and Doll House Kits   Dollhouses for play or collecting. Large selection of dollhouse kits and finished models. We also carry dollhouse furniture, dolls and other miniature accessories.

Mott’s Miniature Dollhouses and Doll House Miniatures   Dollhouses and doll house miniatures are our specialty. We have many dollhouses and doll house miniatures from various doll house manufacturers. Dollhouse assembly, Bespaq museum quality miniatures, artisan miniatures, artisan miniature dolls and more.

Discount Dollhouses & Supplies   Hardware, electronics, people and animals, lawn and garden, flooring, kits etc.

Dollhouse Miniatures  Old fashioned personal attention and a huge selection of the best dollhouse miniatures and all at great prices.

SEARCH ENGINE FOR MINIATURES railroads, miniature doll making etc. Buy, sell, trade, locate.

Sounds For Miniatures

Sound Recording

Sounds Found On The Internet

Learn About Microprocessors   Explanation on how microprocessors in toys work.

Miniature Porcelain Doll Making

MINIATURE DOLL MOLDS & SUPPLIES large selection of high quality miniature doll making supplies as well as links to other doll making sites. 

MINIATURE DOLL MOLDS specialize in miniature porcelain doll molds