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Creating Graphics

free card craft projects

Graphics - a quick lesson plus some of our own

We offer a few graphics that were designed specifically for some of our free craft and sewing projects. These were designed using art software, watercolor with stamps, and photography. They are provided to show you what can be done with just a little creativity. We also provide a lessons on turning photographs and scanned images into graphics. Some of our photos and graphics have been turned into sewing patterns. Scan or copy your images and photographs for future use on cardstock or fabric.
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Graphics Projects

watercolor stamping instructions
Watercolor Stamping

You don't have to be an artist to create beautiful watercolors! Using stamps and watercolor pens, you can create your own "watercolors". Scan or copy for future use.

special occasion cards
Special Occasion

Stencils, gel pens, decorative paper & stamps create graphics that can be scanned and used again and again. Free lesson.

foam stamp cards
Foam Stamp Cards

Use foam stamps for easy to make graphics.

Free Christmas house graphic
Christmas House

Click image to enlarge. Like the Halloween images below, I created this when playing around with graphics software, then turned it into a sewing pattern. Print to fabric or paper.

Click here to go to my sewing project that uses this Christmas house graphic.

free Halloween graphic
free halloween graphic
free halloween house graphic

Click each image to enlarge. I created them when playing around with a graphics software program, then turned them into patterns for Halloween quilt blocks. Print to fabric or paper.

Click here to go to my sewing Halloween Quilt Block project.

custom sticker gift bag
Gift Bag Projects

Learn how to scan fabric to create graphics that can be turned into stickers.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree I threw in this graphic just for fun. I created it when playing around with a graphics software program. Print to label stock, then cut out to create your own stickers.

card making lesson
Graphics & Photos

Lessons on using computer graphics and photography to create cards.

card making lesson
Using Paints
Lessons on paints to create graphics that can be scanned for future use.

Sedona sewing pattern
Photograph To Pattern
I turned this photograph into a sewing pattern.


You do not need to be a "formal artist" to create graphics. Start with photography, or use a scanned image. Use paints with stamps to create new images. If you want to be adventuresome, use graphics software. Scan your newly created images, then store on your computer for future use. Print to cardstock or fabric. If you print images to label stock, children can cut them out to create their own "stickers".

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