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finished doll

Easy Doll Project

fun first doll project

start with a stuffed body, add arms & legs, and your choice of hair and clothing

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Easy Doll Making Project

A 13 year old girl made this doll as a "first doll project". The kit was purchased from a local craft supply store, and consisted of the head with shoulders, and body (with arms and legs) to stuff and attach. An adult may be needed for sewing together the top of the body after stuffing, and for attaching the body to the shoulders. The wig was purchased separately and was glued on using a basic tacky craft glue.

Step 1: Assemble tacky glue, quilting pins, cotton for stuffing body, doll pieces, wig, needle and thread, scissors and spoon (we used a spoon for stuffing - "real" doll makers use a stuffing fork).

Step 2: Stuff body with cotton (arms and legs are already attached).

Step 3: Use pins to close off top of body. Stitch closed.

Step 4: Lay out head/shoulders so it's ready to attach.

Step 5: Stitch head/shoulders to body per package instructions. This kit required stitches to back and front of both shoulders, using a long needle to go through the body and head attachment.

Step 6: Glue on wig, using a tacky craft glue. Doll is now ready to dress!

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