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Stuffed Animal Crafts
Faux Fur / Skins / Kits

free painting lessons by Christina Sherrod Art Short and long pile faux fur.  Doll bodies, heads, faces, animal noses, eyes, clown heads, witch heads, animal heads and more.  Wonderful and unusual animal patterns and kits and patterns - from aardvark to zebra.  Easy patterns, faux furs and accessories for sewing stuffed animals, vests and purses. Make a stuffable animal party with our unstuffed animal kits. Stuff your own teddy bears & animals at discount prices. Wholesale bear clothes, stuffed animal clothing and accessories.

Sounds For Toys  Make sound recordings for your toys or craft projects.  Find sounds on the internet. Categorized listing.   Explanation on how microprocessors in toys work.

Dolls & Accessories   Doll hair: straight, curly and multiple color choices.   Cloth doll making supplies, including hair, needles, tools, face stamps and more.   Dollmaking supplies and molds, byron doll molds, wanke doll molds, doll display stands, doll eyelashes, doll eyes, squeakers.   Dollspart Supply is the number 1 supplier of doll supplies, shoes, high heels, wigs, parts and accessories that are used by any and everyone in the doll industry. Craft dolls, plastic dolls, doll supplies such as heads, faces, air freshener dolls, half dolls, doll bodies, hats, hair, eyes, angel wings, glasses, doll eyes, arms, legs, feet, clown dolls, animals, and more for your doll crafting needs. Our Fashionable doll clothes and outfits fit most 18-inch dolls! Special collection for 18 inch dolls outfits matching with beautiful little girls outfits. American Girl® clothing. Wide array of doll supplies and accessories including buttons, eyes, joints, patterns, doll patterns, needle/thread, and hair. Large selection of high quality miniature doll making supplies. specialize in miniature porcelain doll molds. Over 7,000 items available, many discounted. We carry all major doll supplies from... Kemper, Monique, Global and Seeley. Doll molds, china paints, wigs, eyes and much more.

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