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free painting lessons by Christina Sherrod Art Professional quality supplies for candle making, plus expert advice. Wholesale prices on candle making supplies. Best Fragrance Oils for candle, soap, melts, tart and lotion making. Home of Flutter Dyes. Candle and soap making supplies at wholesale prices. Complete selection of wax, wick, fragrance, soap bases, air freshener supplies too. is an easy-to-use source for candle supplies and candle making information. We pride ourselves on knowledge, customer support, and excellent prices on products of the highest quality.  Candle making and soap making instructions and project ideas.  A collection of waxes, gels, wicks, and much more for making candles.  High-Quality Carrier Oils, Butters, Molds, Colorants, and More.  Wholesale Candle making supplies. Candle making molds, wicks, gels, scents, embedding items, tutorials and projects.  We carry the best candle making supplies at great prices along with tips, advice and other items for the Home Crafting Industry.   The Flaming Candle Company offers a full line of top quality candle making supplies. We are committed to offering outstanding customer service, wholesale pricing, and fast shipping. Whether making candles is a profession or a hobby, we have the right quantities to meet your needs with no minimum order size.

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