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Sea, Coastal, Water

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Artist: Christina Sherrod

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seascape acrylic pour painting Seascape View From Above
Acrylic Pour / Brush / Finger Painting

Throughout my lifetime, I have spent hours hiking the Oregon coast cliffs, watching the ocean waves crashing in around the rocks far below. Now that I live in the desert, I wanted to bring that scene into my home. I created a triptych of 3 acrylic pours that, together, create a panaramic view of the sea from a viewpoint of looking down from far above. This is a photo of one of the paintings.

Seascape Acrylic Pour Painting Youtube Tutorial

seaside cliffs palette knife acrylic painting Seaside Cliffs
Acrylic Painting

Coastal cliffs rising high above the sea. Wall patch medium and acrylic paint, palette knife and finger painting. Learn how to create depth to cliffs and water by watching my free video.

Seaside Cliffs Palette Knife Acrylic Painting Youtube Tutorial

seaside poppies acrylic painting Seaside Poppies
Acrylic Painting

My brother loved poppies almost as much as he loved the Oregon coast. I created this painting in his memory.

Seaside Poppies Youtube Painting Tutorial

coastal tide seaside abstract palette knife acrylic painting Incoming Tide
Acrylic Painting

I loved crawling around the rocks at the base of Haystack Rock, on the Oregon coast, when I was a child. The rocky areas created beautiful currents and colors. I wanted to recreate that with this painting. I used wall patch to create texture, plus finger painting and palette knife. Watch my free video to see this technique.

Incoming Tide Youtube Painting Tutorial

Haystack Rock acrylic painting Haystack Rock
I love that time of evening when the sun is not quite down. The beach is quiet; the mood is reflective.

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach acrylic painting Haystack Rock
Original acrylic painting: 15" x 30".

This is the rock that inspired my painting "Incoming Tide", shown above. I spent hours climbing around on Haystack when I was a child. It is protected now; I cherish my memories.

Click for larger image

Lake Malawi Africa acrylic painting Lake Malawi
Private Collection

My husband has a species of fish in his fish tank that originated in Lake Malawi (Africa). He requested this painting, and hung it above his fish tank.

Click for larger image

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach acrylic painting South Of Haystack
Original acrylic painting: 15" x 30".
Private Collection.

Haystack Rock, on the right in the painting above, is way off in the distance in this painting.

dark ocean night acrylic painting Triumph
Original acrylic painting: 11" x 14".

My daughters each possess inner strength, strong character, compassion, creativity, and the desire to make the world a better place. Their values were the inspiration for this painting.

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Oregon Coast waves acrylic painting Oregon Waves
Original acrylic painting: 11" x 14".

Yep - another painting inspired by the Oregon coast. Such a beautiful place. Evening, in the fall, is when I especially love to view the sunsets. I have many fond memories of my father and I watching the sunsets together.

No, this is not Haystack Rock (I get asked that quite frequently). My Haystack Rock paintings are shown above.

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Oregon Coast storm Indian Beach acrylic painting Watching The Storm
Indian Beach, Oregon Coast
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection.

I have always loved watching storms roll in on the Oregon coast. The sea turns into a rolling, powerful force, and winds can twist the largest of trees.

My daughter, Kayla, and I visited the coast a few years ago. I loved the way she stood strongly facing the sea, bracing herself against the wind. She has an inner strength that was clear for me to see on that day. We all face adversity at times, and must find the strength to stand our ground.

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Lighthouse acrylic painting Gailyn's Lighthouse
Inspired by some photos my daughter, Aleah, took of lighthouses in Nova Scotia.
Original acrylic painting, 12" x 16"

I have a close friend who has always protected and watched over others during their own personal storms in life. I don't know where I would be without her. This lighthouse painting is for all those who give their time and effort in the rescue and protection of others.

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Day's End Oregon coast sunset acrylic painting Days's End
Inspired by rocks on the Oregon coast
Original acrylic painting, 12" x 16"

The Oregon coast can be a dark, stormy place. It can also provide colorful sunsets. I love all seasons at the ocean.

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Hacieta Lighthouse Oregon coast acrylic painting Hacieta Lighthouse Oregon Coast
Seascape: Oregon Coast
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection.

Lighthouses make us think of history, ocean storms, old ships, and a bygone era. The Hacieta Lighthouse sits on the mainland on the Oregon coast, so is easily accessible to visitors. On a calm summer day, or during a fierce winter storm, the lighthouse is in a perfect place to stop and enjoy the sea, and remember old times.

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Haystack Rock Needles Cannon Beach acrylic painting The Needles
Cannon Beach, Oregon
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection.
Prints and cards will be available for purchase.

I spent much of my youth exploring and enjoying the Oregon coast. A piece of my heart remains there. The needles and Haystack Rock are favorite rock formations. Although not possible today (protected area) I loved to climb around the lower areas of Haystack as a child.

Ecola Hike Oregon coast acrylic painting Ecola Hike
Oregon Coast
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection.
Prints and cards will be available for purchase.

My father loved the Oregon coast, and we often journeyed together up to the view point at Ecola park. The winding path to the overlook offered spectacular views of the ocean and coastline, and the overlook itself provided views of the the sea lions basking in the sun on the rocks far below. When I want to walk that path, I need only to gaze at my painting, and I am there again with my father.

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