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southwest spring bloom finger paint acrylic painting Desert Spring Bloom
Acrylic paint: finger painting, brush & palette knife

My husband and I went on an early morning hike in the spring of 2017. We had received a lot of rain during the winter, and knew the spring bloom would be outstanding. The morning was peaceful as we enjoyed the early morning bird songs, wildflowers and flowering trees. I wanted to capture the beauty and peace of that hike.

Desert Bloom Fingerpaint Abstract Youtube Tutorial

palette knife wall patch acrylic paint acrylic ink tulip painting Textured Tulips
Acrylic paint/ink: wall patch, brush & palette knife

I layered several colors to create a background that seems 3 dimensional in person. To create the textured tulips, I used wall patch mixed with acrylic inks and paints. Watch my Youtube video to learn this interesting technique for creating stunning paintings.

Textured Tulips Youtube Tutorial

southwest trees growing in rock alcohol ink painting Strength Alcohol Ink Landscape Painting
Alcohol Ink and various painting tools

Life can be hard. When I see trees growing from rocks, I know that determination and patience wins in the end. All things are possible.

summer seaside poppies acrylic painting Seaside Poppies Palette Knife

I love the calm, soothing colors of the sea. I joined those colors with bright, contrast poppies to create the mood of summer. This painting was done with palette knives. You can learn this fun technique with my Youtube video. Step by step instructions for creating a beautiful acrylic painting.

Seaside Poppies Palette Knife Youtube Tutorial

seaside poppies acrylic painting Seaside Poppies
Acrylic Painting

My brother loved poppies almost as much as he loved the Oregon coast. I created this painting in his memory.

Seaside Poppies Youtube Painting Tutorial

Skagit Valley Washington tulips acrylic painting Skagit Valley
Original acrylic painting: 12" x 36"

Visiting Skagit Valley was always a family tradition, come spring time. My father painted a beautiful landscape scene of one of the tulip gardens, and I enjoyed looking at it in my parents' home through the years. Memories of those beautiful gardens inspired this painting. This painting would look beautiful over a sofa. This image is of the center section of the painting, and is what appears on the card.

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Multnomah Falls painting Multnomah Falls

I have always loved Multnomah Falls, located just east of Portland, Oregon. My painting captures precious memories of childhood hikes with my grandparents; they took me on many trips to the falls over the years.

Mexican Bird of Paradise acrylic painting Grethcen's Garden
Mexican Bird Of Paradise

Original acrylic painting: 11" x 14"

I was talking on the phone with a good friend, discussing the beautiful flowers growing in our desert gardens, when she mentioned that she was enjoying watching the butterflies hovering around her Mexican Bird of Paradise in Tucson. The image she described inspired this painting.

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poppy acrylic painting Summer Poppy
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection

My brother always loved poppies. My mother grew them just outside her back door, and they became his favorite flower. The world lost him several years, ago. When I see poppies, I am reminded of summer fun, my brother, and my mother's garden.

My daughter, Aleah, took a photo of the poppies growing in my mother's garden a few years ago. This painting was inspired by her photo.

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red rose acrylic painting Red Rose
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection

Oh, the red rose... It's elegance and beauty are hard to surpass. I have always loved roses, and actually tried to fit "Rose" into a name for my daughters. I didn't succeed in that, but I painted this rose for my youngest daughter.

The rose, to me, has always represented strength, natural beauty, simplicity, and elegance.

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barrel cactus acrylic painting Barrel Cactus
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection

Blooming Barrel Cactus in a beautiful garden setting.

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Flagstaff hike acrylic painting Flagstaff Hike
Near Flagstaff, Arizona
Original acrylic painting, 8" x 10"

My husband and I love to escape to the cooler climate of northern Arizona during the summer. Numerous trails are available through within the largest ponderosa pine forest in North America. This painting was inspired by the many hikes we have taken near Flagstaff.

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