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Desert Southwest

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Artist: Christina Sherrod

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southwest spring bloom finger paint acrylic painting Desert Spring Bloom
Acrylic paint: finger painting, brush & palette knife

My husband and I went on an early morning hike in the spring of 2017. We had received a lot of rain during the winter, and knew the spring bloom would be outstanding. The morning was peaceful as we enjoyed the early morning bird songs, wildflowers and flowering trees. I wanted to capture the beauty and peace of that hike.

Desert Bloom Fingerpaint Abstract Youtube Tutorial

Southwest Pueblo Cumulous Cloud acrylic painting Southwest Pueblo
Acrylic Painting

Large cloud over a Southwest pueblo, using deep shades of blue, earthy reds and browns, contrasted by approaching white clouds. Watch my Youtube video for step by step instructions.

Southwest Pueblo Video Painting Tutorial

late afternoon southwest clouds acrylic painting Late Afternoon Southwest Clouds
Acrylic Painting

This is a monochromatic painting, using shades of blue offset by glowing late afternoon clouds.

Late Afternoon Southwest Clouds Video Painting Tutorial

southwest dust storm haboob painting Southwest Dust Storm
Acrylic Painting

The monsoon of the US Southwest brings violent storms that can create high winds, lightning, and walls of dust thousands of feet high. They roll through the valley, covering everything with dust, as they block out sunlight. Although I appreciate the dangers of these storms, I also love to watch them. I wanted to recreate the image of fury and power with this painting.

Southwest Monsoon Dust Storm Video Painting Tutorial

Castle Road Castle Hot Springs acrylic painting Going Home
Castle Road Castle Hot Springs - Arizona
Original acrylic painting. 20" x 20"
Private Collection

The road to Castle Hot Springs is one of my favorite day trips near my house. It is often washed out (the monsoon brings heavy rains and the washes fill). The scenery is beautiful, and the trip is worth the sometimes rough ride. An old, blue truck takes the curves and bumps in this painting.

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Zion Park acrylic painting Zion Park, Utah
Desert Southwest
Original acrylic painting. 12" x 16". Private Collection

I visited Zion as a child, and held the memory through the years. I recently visited again, this time with a long-time friend. I wanted to capture the beauty of the land, as well as a precious memory of our trip.

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perspective road acrylic painting Road To My Future
Northern Arizona

I love the open spaces of Arizona. I jumped out of my car and snapped a photo of this road while on a trip through Northern Arizona. Originally planning to paint a dramatic sky, I decided that road by itself made quite a statement.

Road Perspective Youtube Painting Tutorial

Monument Valley acrylic painting Peace After The Storm
Monument Valley
Original acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas. 11" x 13.75"

The monsoon of Arizona brings violent storms that roll in quickly, delivering much needed water to the desert. Hot summer temperatures fall, and we all rejoice in the rain. Along with the pleasures that the storms bring, there are the dangers from high winds and flooding. When the storm passes, all is quiet again. A quiet night follows a stormy day.

I have always loved watching the storms, though I have a healthy respect for the dangers. In our own lives, storms bring strength, new wisdom, and help us appreciate the peaceful times.

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Morning Coffee Monument Valley acrylic painting Morning Coffee
Monument Valley
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection

My mother in law loves morning coffee almost as much as she loves the desert SW. She is a treasure in my life, and I wanted to capture her appreciation for beautiful desert mornings.

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Grand Canyon Park acrylic painting Grand Canyon, Arizona
Desert Southwest
Original acrylic painting. 12" x 16".

I have visited the Grand Canyon several times, and no two times have I had the same experience. Colors of the rocky bluffs and canyons change, cloud formations are constantly in transition, and seasons offer a variety of weather. I am always in awe of the canyon. It is a place to replenish the soul.

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