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abstract cat acrylic painting Annie On Pedestal
Original acrylic painting: private collection

Annie is a very loving cat. She is also full of mischief. At age 20, she still loves to play and show who is boss. She climbed up onto a picnic table, and sat on a piece of wood (cross section of a log) as if it were her private pedestal. I just had to capture that moment in a painting. I created a fun texture using flexible wall patch, purchased from Home Depot. Watch my free video to see my process.

Textured Cat Abstract Painting Video

milk cow acrylic painting Walt's Cow
Original acrylic painting: 11" x 14"

My father loved Tillamook Oregon and the surrounding area. Many of his paintings featured milk cows. I created this painting with him in mind. The mountains were inspired by northern California and eastern Oregon.

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horse acrylic painting Spirit
Original acrylic painting: 11" x 14"

He is old and wise and has traveled far. His spirit is strong, and he is finding his way to the light.

This is for all of my friends who never give up.

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Annie cat acrylic painting Annie
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection

Annie has been a close companion to my daughter, Kayla, for almost 18 years. She is obstinate and must have things a her way. She is also caring, and senses when anyone is not well. She is therapeutic when healing is needed.

She is a gem, and her tough spirit, yet gentle kindness, shows in her eyes.

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Fi dog with big ears acrylic painting Fi
Original 11" x 14" acrylic painting: Private Collection

Fi's personality and spirit show through her ever alert, inquisitive expression.

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buffalo acrylic painting lesson Storm Coming
Original 12" x 16 " acrylic painting

I love to watch wildlife, and I love the dramatic clouds of the southwest. I merged the two in this painting. The buffalo is keeping a careful watch on the approaching storm as he peacefully grazes.

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Dala horse acrylic painting Dala Horse
Original acrylic painting: Private Collection

My daughter, Aleah, has always loved history. Her Swedish and Norwegian heritage has been of special interest to her. She requested a Dala Horse painting. The colors liven up the room, and the horse adds Scandinavian charm. This print would be perfect for anyone wishing to celebrate their Scandinavian heritage.

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