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Abstract & Impressionist

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acrylic pour abstract painting blue gold Deep Calm
Acrylic Pour

I love the effects I achieved with this pour (larger image). I used acrylic paints, silicone, alcohol, and metallic paints. I then ran a torch over the surface (not touching the surface - just skimming through the air above the surface).

acrylic pour abstract painting youtube video Above The Sea / Cosmos
Acrylic Pours

Watch my free video on creating these two beautiful acrylic pours (smaller images). I used GAC800 and alcohol on one pour, and pouring medium and silicone on the other pour.

Acrylic Pours Youtube Video

alcohol ink painting on tile Happy Mood
Alcohol Ink and various painting tools

I love the vibrant reds and golds, set off by dark spaces, in this piece. I used alcohol inks and various tools to express my "Happy Mood".

alcohol ink painting on tile These are two colorful pieces I created using alcohol inks.
"Purple Strength" and "Under The Sea".

coastal tide seaside abstract palette knife acrylic painting Incoming Tide
Acrylic Painting

I loved crawling around the rocks at the base of Haystack Rock, on the Oregon coast, when I was a child. The rocky areas created beautiful currents and colors. I wanted to recreate that with this painting. I used wall patch to create texture, plus finger painting and palette knife. Watch my free video to see this technique.

Incoming Tide Youtube Painting Tutorial

palette knife wall patch acrylic paint acrylic ink tulip painting Textured Tulips
Acrylic paint/ink: wall patch, brush & palette knife

I layered several colors to create a background that seems 3 dimensional in person. To create the textured tulips, I used wall patch mixed with acrylic inks and paints. Watch my Youtube video to learn this interesting technique for creating stunning paintings.

Textured Tulips Youtube Video

southwest trees growing in rock alcohol ink painting Strength
Alcohol Ink and various painting tools

Life can be hard. When I see trees growing from rocks, I know that determination and patience wins in the end. All things are possible.

mini seascapes acrylic finger painting Mini Seascapes

Acrylic paint: finger painting, palette knife

These little minis were fun to do as part of a class I taught on finger painting / palette knife. Minis are small, quick projects that work well for studies.

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