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Christina Sherrod

Original Paintings, Prints & Cards

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Artwork By Category

Cards are now available in my Etsy Shop. I plan to add prints in the future.

Christina Sherrod abstract art paintings Go To Abstract

Finger painting, mixed media, impressionist and abstract art.

Christina Sherrod desert southwest acrylic painting Go To Desert / Southwest / Landscape

I love the southwest for its contrasts. Sunny days and storms, green valleys and rugged rock formations, mountains and deep canyons. I have spent years photographing, exploring, and enjoying the unique beauty of this magnificent land. My hope is to capture the magic of the land and the lifestyle.

seascape acrylic painting Go To Seascapes / Ocean / Coastal

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and part of my heart is still there. Like the desert, the ocean offers great contrasts. The winter storms are powerful, and the peaceful summer days offer a respite from life's struggles.

animals acrylic painting Go To Animals

I love all animals. Pets offer love and companionship. Time spent with a pet allows for healing of the mind, body and spirit. Animals in the wild remind us of what it is to be free. It's important to get off into nature now and then to observe animals in their natural environments. I photograph animals when I am out exploring, then fit them into my paintings. They help convey the peace and beauty of nature.

summer seaside poppies acrylic painting Go To Floral / Plants / Forest / Nature

From the towering trees of the Pacific NW to the small cacti of the desert, I am always amazed at how plants have adapted to their specific environment. Life giving water can reach the highest branches of an ancient tree in the Olympic forest, or be available to a cactus in the heat of the desert summer, all through the amazing science that God created. Life giving and soul reviving, I love the great outdoors and try to capture its spirint in my paintings.

prairie acrylic painting Go To Buildings

Buildings and structures.

printable holiday Cards Free Printable Holiday Cards

I've started my series of free, printable holiday cards. Each image is from an original acrylic painting. The jpg prints to create a card that is 5" x 7" when folded, with the image on the front of the card. I provide directions and tips for creating the best quality card.

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