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You Can Paint!

There is an artist in each of us, just waiting to get out. To help you on your journey, I provide YouTube tutorials, painting classes and articles.


free painting video tutorials Christina Sherrod Art Youtube tutorials

Watch my YouTube tutorials for step by step instruction, great information, ideas and inspiration. Don't forget to subscribe!


Phoenix painting classes I design and teach my own painting classes in north Phoenix. The painting shown is "Desert Bloom", from my fingerpaint/palette class.

Go to Painting Classes, or contact me for more information.


I also instruct at Artistic Adventures in north Phoenix.


free acrylic painting lesson Lesson 1: Introduction - Learn The Basics

In this lesson, I cover supplies and assistive tools and how they are used. This includes more than just the necessary items such as brushes, paints, special mediums, and painting surface. I will also cover photographs, computer/printer, rulers and other items, and describe how they can be very effective helpers.

free acrylic painting lesson paint brush strokes Lesson 2: Brush Strokes & Texture

Paint this peaceful prairie grass scene while learning various brush strokes and texture techniques. Learn how to mix and layer colors to create depth.

Farm House On Hill acrylic painting lesson House On A Hill Painting lesson: old farm house on a bluff overlooking a valley, with mountains in the distance. Step by step photos, plus list of supplies, and explanation on technique.

Projects - Work In Progress

Sunset Oregon Coast acrylic painting lesson Go to Projects to watch a sample creation of a painting. You will see how layers are used to create depth. Layering is very important in acrylic painting. These are not actual lessons, but show the various steps of creating a painting.

More Ideas

I recommend attending actual classes, where you can mingle with other students and exchange ideas. In a class, students' talents can grow with one another's positive energy and encouragement. Follow my lessons to learn my own technique and tips, and to gain inspiration and new ideas.

In person classes are not always possible, however. Or perhaps you attend a class but wish to pick up more tips. The more sources of information the better.

Attend art shows and ask questions; I have found artists to be very helpful and willing to share ideas, tips and other information. Look at the art work. What styles do you like? How do you respond to the paintings? What type of work interests you? You will change interests, and grow over time as you are exposed by a variety of art.

Go online to YouTube. I have taken many "YouTube classes". Each artist has unique perspective and techniques. Watching the artists has been extremely helpful to me. I will list my favorite sources soon.

Remember - you have creativity within you. Art really is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoy watching different people look at my paintings. A person will barely glance at them, then zero in on one and start talking about it, saying "Oh, I have been to this place! I remember having a picnic with my grandma in just such a place. I love this!". It might not be anyone else's favorite painting; it has deep meaning to this person. Everyone in my life has his or her favorite, and they are all different. It's not whether the painting is "good" or "bad". It's whether one connects to it. A painting might be your best, technically, and people migh not "like" it. Don't take it personally. It just means it didn't spark inner feelings. This is the most important piece of information I can give you.

Go to About Me to learn how I got started. Finding the right teacher is very important for a happy, rewarding painting experience.

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