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Christina Sherrod

Card Printing Directions

Holiday Cards

free printable holiday Cards ALERT: These instructions create a standard 7" x 10" card (folds to 7" x 5") card. Your printer must provide the option of printing to 7" x 10" paper (you will use card stock). My Epson printer lists many paper sizes, plus "User Defined", which I set to 7" x 10". If your printer does not allow for this paper size, you will need to print to the larger size that your printer allows (center the image vertically and horizontally - you might have to tinker with it a bit), then trim as needed if you wish to have a smaller card. I recommend making a test print before purchasing card stock.

Click the image of the scene you wish to print on my Printable Cards page, then save the jpg to your computer. Each of my cards is a jpg, and prints to a 7" x 10" piece of card stock. When folded, it becomes a 5" x 7" card. Set your printer to print to a 7" x 10" size. Set your printer to color, center format, and highest quality print. Make sure "fastest print" and any other special settings are OFF.

I recommend Red River Paper 60 lb. Polar Matte card stock. It is designed for inkjet printers and works well with my Epson printer. I am not affiliated with them in any way; I recommend them because their paper has worked well with my Epson inkjet printer. I use Epson DuraBrite Ultra ink, and am very happy with the results. My cards are beautiful.

Settings I use (your settings may be different):
Custom size: 7" x 10"
Portrait (orientation)
center (the image must be centered)
color (rather than grayscale)
plain paper / bright white (the instructions that come with their card stock says to use matte finish, but I find that my printer prints a better quality when the bright white paper setting is used)
quality (this is my best setting; normal is not a high enough quality for cards)
I uncheck fast print and edge smoothing in the "more options" section.

NOTE: When you open the jpegs, you might see some lines running through the images on the cards. I tested these files by downloading and printing. I got the same high quality as when I printed the cards already stored on my computer.

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