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DIY Chenille

Flannel Chenille Blanket

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"Chenille" is made by stitching straight lines 1/2" apart, cutting between the lines (do not cut base layer), and then washing and drying the fabric to create fraying along the cut edges. Draw parallel lines on the back side of your blanket (or top side if that is your preference), 1/2" apart. You can use any design you wish, so long as they are straight lines. Be sure your lines remain straight and parallel.

NOTE: As an alternative to drawing lines, you can use a quilting bar (also called an edge guide). This will help you stitch straight lines an equal distance from one another. See photo on right.

Quilting Bar

quilting bar As an alternative to drawing lines, you can use a quilting bar (also called an edge guide). This will help you stitch straight lines an equal distance from one another. Refer to the photo.

For further instruction, go to: Instructions On Quilt Bar Use

Thread & Stitch Length

My top fabric was the pale yellow shown above. My base fabric was navy blue. I didn't use backing, so my base fabric showed on the backside of my blanket. I wanted the thread to match both my yellow and blue fabric, and I had drawn my lines on the navy blue fabric; therefore, I stitched on the navy side. I used navy thread for my top thread and white thread as my bobbin thread. I recommend using a slightly longer stitch length (I used 3, rather than 2.5) because you will be stitching through several layers.

Stitch Pattern

stitching chenille To create a blanket like mine, stitch one line on the diagonal. Then stitch a line perpendicular from that line out to one corner. That half of the blanket has lines stitched perpendicular to the diagonal line. The other half of the blanket has lines that are stitched parallel to the first diagonal line. Be sure to stitch completely between two stitched lines. Lock your stitches (back-stitch) at each end. Refer to the diagram at right.

Cutting Instructions

hand made flannel chenille Once all lines have been sewn, you are ready to cut between stitch lines.

Using very sharp scissors, snip through your top three layers, half-way between your stitched lines, starting at your outer basted line. DO NOT cut through your base layer (or your batting or backing if you are using these). Cut only between the stitching - do NOT cut through the stitching itself. Be sure to stop just before your outer basted line. This will leave a small margin along the outside edge of the blanket, outside your basting.

hand made chenille When finished cutting, the blanket should look like the one in the photo, with snipped lines.

Finish Your New Chenille Blanket

Bind Your Blanket
Refer to Assemble And Bind A Quilt for instructions on binding your blanket.

Washing Instructions
When the stitching, cutting and binding are complete, the next step is to wash and dry the blanket. The wash/dry of the blanket will fray the edges of the flannel, creating the "chenille" effect. For added fluffiness, use a chenille brush or tooth brush. This further frays the chenille (use of a brush wasn't necessary for my blanket).

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