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non-slip cushion cover

Non-slip Cushion Cover

page 2 of 2: outer cover

learn to sew with non-slip fabric
perfect for cat or small dog

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Cushion Cover

Page 2 Outer Cover  Go to Page 1 Inner Pillow

This page explains how to make the outer cover. Go back to page one to learn how to make the inner pillow or cushion.


The pillow/cushion cover is made with three pieces; the top is one piece and the pillow back is two pieces, each made up of the non-slip fabric piece and the extension piece.

Pillow Cover Top

Using the pillow pattern (go to page 1 for pattern & supply list), cut one cover piece from cover fabric (cut through only one layer of fabric). Set aside. I laid my fabric over the inner pillow to decide approximate placement of outer fabric. I wanted my flowers to be evenly placed. If your fabric has a nap (directional texture or pattern), you should check placement before cutting fabric.

Tape the four pattern pieces together and cut out the cushion cover top.
cut cushion cover top

Pillow Cover Back

Lay out the 2 cover back pattern pieces and tape them together along the long side. Cut another pattern piece that measures 2.25" (2 1/4") x the width of your back pattern piece. This additional strip is the extention piece. The main part of the back will be made from non-slip fabric. The extention piece is cut from regular fabric. This keeps down bulk where the cushion cover back overlaps in the center back.
cover back pattern

Using the pillow cover back pattern, cut two pieces from the non-slip fabric.

nonslip fabric

Non-slip fabric has small, non-skid dots on one side. It can be cut with regular sewing shears.
cut nonslip fabric

Using the extension pattern piece, cut an extension piece of fabric from regular fabric (do not use non-slip for this piece).

Stitch the extension piece to the non-slip back cover piece, right sides together (the dots are on the RIGHT SIDE). Press seam open. NOTE: I kept my iron mostly over the regular fabric piece.
press nonslip fabric

Press under the long, raw edge of the extension piece ¼" to create a hemmed edge. Stitch the hem, using a straight stitch.

NOTE: The non-slip fabric will NOT slide under your presser foot (the point of using non-slip fabric is that it doesn't slide). Turn the fabric so that the dots are face UP. The back side of the fabric will slide just fine.
stitched together

Lay top piece of cover on table, right side up. Lay one back piece over top piece, right side down, aligning rounded ends. Stitch two layers together around outside edge, using 1/4" seam. Place the other back piece over the two pieces, right side down, aligning the opposite rounded ends. NOTE: the two back pieces should overlap about 2" in the center. The photo on the right shows the first half of the back stitched into place.

Stitch the new layer down. Turn right side out through the opening in the back.

Place pillow inside.
stitch together top and back

finished cover

stitched together top and back
Do I like this?
stitched together top and back
Yes I do!

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