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Cat Bean Bag

toy or door stop

cat bean bag pattern

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fill with beans to create an adorable toy or door stop

Designer: Christina Sherrod

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Directions cont'd from page 1

3. Sew & Attach Ears

Sew two pieces of an ear together, right sides together, leaving the bottom edge open. Trim seam. Turn right side out and iron. Repeat for the second ear.

cat bean bag ears Pin the raw edge of each finished ear to the right side upper edge of one cat head piece (back side of head, not face). See photo on right. Baste close to edge. NOTE: Stitching and ear outlines have been enhanced for clarity.

4. Create Face

applique face Using our pattern as a guide, add face details to your face piece. We used fusible web to attach the eyes and nose. If you hold the pattern and fabric up to a window or light board, you can see the pattern under the fabric. You can then mark your positions with a fabric pencil. The eye detail can be drawn on as well (for later painting). See the following paragraph.

painted cat bean bag face After your eyes and nose have been attached, you can add detail, using fabric markers or fabric paints. I like to use fine tipped Tulip fabric paints. I used a glitter paint for the whiskers, and outlined the nose in black. The eyes were outlined with gold on top, and green on the bottom. The pupils were painted black.


5. Sew Cat Head Together

finished cat head When you are sure your paint is thoroughly dry, pin the face and back of head pieces together, right sides together. Leave the ears pointing toward the center of the head. Stitch around the outer edge of the head, leaving the area between the circles open at the base of the head (refer to pattern) for turning and stuffing.

Turn the head right side out. Carefully iron under edges of unsewn area 1/4" (this will make it easier to hand stitch it closed later). Do NOT iron over any fabric paint. Stuff with fiberfill stuffing. Stitch opening closed with invisible stitch.

6. Sew Cat Tail Together / Stuff Tail

stuff cat's tail Sew tail pieces right sides together, leaving base open. Trim seams. Leave tail inside out push finished, curled end in and stuff with fiberfill. Keep pushing filled portion in further. You are slowly turning it right side out as you fill. Push the finished end inside and stuff the end. An alternate method would be to turn the tail right side out and then stuff the tail, but this would be more difficult due to the curled end. Refer to photo on the right.

stuffed cat tail Baste raw edges of end closed. Your stitch line should be perpendicular to the tail's seam (do not turn under raw edges - they will be placed inside body of cat.

The tail seam is enhanced in red and the basting across the end is enhanced in white for clarity.

7. Sew Body Together / Stuff Body

beans for beanbag Place the tail onto the right side of one body piece, between the circles, so that the raw edges of the tail are lined up with the raw edges of the body (like you did with the ears). The curled end of the tail should be toward the center of the body. Baste the tail into place.

Place the two body pieces so they are right sides together (with tail between pieces and inside body). Stitch around the body pieces, leaving an opening between the marks at the neck area for turning. Trim seams and turn right side out. The tail will now be outside of the body.

Fill the body with dried beans. We used black beans (see photo on right).

body of beanbag cat I filled the lower part of the body with the most beans. The upper part of the body was more lightly filled. There is a bit of a trick to this part of the project. To make this easier, use the cardboard insert of a toilet paper roll, or roll up paper to make a tube. Insert the tube into the body cavity. Place the beans into a measuring cup that has a pour spout. Pour the beans from the cup into the body via the tube.

Use your fingers to push the beans into the arms and legs. When the body is filled with beans, stitch the opening closed using an invisible stitch (or slip stitch).

cat beanbag pattern Place the head onto the body. When you are sure of placement, attach with fabric glue or stitch into place.

NOTE: The head lies on the body between the front paws. It will cover the hand stitching of the neck area.

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