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Cat Bean Bag

toy or door stop

cat bean bag pattern

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fill with beans to create an adorable toy or door stop

Designer: Christina Sherrod

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Cat Bean Bag Door Stop Or Toy

This adorable bean bag cat is easy to make and suits many purposes. Use holiday fabrics to make one for your favorite holiday. Fun for any child as a bean bag toy (embroider the face and sew on the head if used by a small child). Use a tougher fabric on the bottom to create a door stop. Made with bright colors, it would add a splash of color to any room.

The body is filled with dried beans for weight and stability, which means it makes an excellent door stop. Our free pattern has two faces to choose from. The face can be embroidered or painted on. I appliqued the eyes and nose, using iron-on adhesive (also called fusible web).

To learn how to use iron on adhesive, go to Applique Lesson: Fusible Web.

I designed this pattern many years ago. It is fun to see it being used now by so many. I had no idea when I first created it that it would become so popular. Enjoy! - Christina Sherrod

Cat Size

Approximate size: 11" x 11" (floor space) plus a tail.



1/3 yard of 45" wide fabric (plus 6" square of contrast fabric if you want the face out of contrast fabric)


Head & Tail: Fiberfill Stuffing
Body: Dried beans - small beans work best

cat bean bag face Face Supplies

Fusible Web (iron-on adhesive) & fabric for face applique, or fabric paints for painting on a face, or embroidery floss for an embroidered face

General Sewing Supplies

thread to match fabric background

sewing scissors

pins (I use quilting pins)

Pattern Pieces

My patterns download as pdf files. NOTE: For best results, save the pdf file to your computer. Print from your own file. If you print from the browser, the size will be incorrect (I have that problem with Chrome). Be sure to print at 100% size.

For more instructions on downloading pdf files, to to: pdf instructions.

Pattern: Ear

Pattern: Body piece A

Pattern: Body piece B

Pattern: Body piece C

Pattern: Body piece D

Pattern: Face 1 (choose either face 1 or face 2)

Pattern: Face 2 (choose either face 1 or face 2)

Directions: all seams are 1/4"

1. Cut out pattern pieces.

First, cut out the head, tail and ear pattern pieces. Then, cut along the dotted lines of the body pieces. Tape body pieces A, B, C and D together along the dotted lines as shown on right.

Then finish cutting out the body piece.

pattern pieced together


2. Cut Out Fabric Pieces

fabric layout Next, fold the fabric in two, so that your piece is 22.5" x 12". Place pattern pieces onto the fabric and cut through both layers.

Pattern pieces include a 1/4" seam allowance.

You will now have two of each piece. Cut a second set of ears.

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