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Greeting Cards

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Make Your Own Greeting Cards

Use stencils, watercolors, colored pencils, paper & fabric scraps etc. for a wide variety of designs.

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Creating your own cards can be easy and fun. The best thing is, it does NOT have to be an expensive hobby. Use your computer to print out words if you don't own stamps. Use your own software to create text for your cards. Purchase a large pack of variety paper (used for resumes etc.) to add layers to your cards. Many craft supply stores sell "scrap bags" of small pieces of card stock. If you sew, you will have fabric scraps that can be used.

There are an endless variety of items you can use to create your own unique cards. You probably already own a lot of these things. Stencils, watercolors, oil paints, fabric scraps, colored pencils, crayons, ink stamps, bits of ribbon, buttons ... The list is endless. Don't be afraid to try new techniques. Mix and match colors, paper shapes, and textures to create interesting results. This is just a small list of ideas.

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Assemble Tools

card making tools
Stamps, cardstock, watercolor markers
Right: Paper cutter & decorative scissors
paper cutter
I cannot say enough good things about Fiskars Double Sided Tape Runner (the type shown on the right). It is easy to use and really sticks. It automatically releases tape as you touch the surface with it, and automatically breaks the tape as you release it from the surface. You don't need very much (just a bit on each corner of your papers) so it lasts quite a while.

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Fiskars double sided tape

Set Up Your Work Area

Place a large protective paper on your table (I use freezer paper bought on a roll at Costco)

Gather together supplies and tools. Be sure to have plenty of paper towels, soap, wet wash cloths etc. available for cleanup.

Types of Paints / Powders

These are just suggestions. Try watercolors, water based craft paints, watercolor markers, etc.

Perfect Pearls
Dab the medium over the stamp. The stamp will become sticky. Stamp your card. Dust the colored powder over the stamped image. The powder will stick to the areas stamped. Brush off excess. This gives a sparkly effect.

Stencil Paints: Delta "Stencil Paint Creme"
These are oil based, which makes them quite messy to use. They are the consistency of lipstick. Rub the stencil brush into the paint, being careful not to get too much paint. Wipe off excess on scrap paper. Use the stencil to paint onto your cardstock. This was a bit tricky to use, but created a nice effect. The instructions say that the paint can be washed off the stencils, brushes etc. with soap and water, but I found this extremely difficult. The paint was all over my hands by the time I was finished.

With practice, it does look very nice.
Perfect Pearls paint
Perfect Pearls

Delta Stencil Paint Creme
Stencil Paint

Ready To Go!

Choose a stamp or computer image, stencil etc. that you will use for your design. Use scrap paper to experiment with techniques and colors. Try many different paper colors, shapes and sizes. You may find that one color of cardstock brings out your design much better than other colors.

It may be easier for you, in the beginning, to create your design on a piece of cardstock that will be attached to the front of your card. This way, if you make a mistake, you do not lose an entire card. If you do make a mistake directly on the card, it can be saved. Simply create a new design on a piece of cardstock and attach that to the card, covering the old design.

Mix-match paints with stamps, add decorative paper scraps, try out colored pencils ... New looks can be created by using a variety of techniques on one card. Don't forget your computer - use it for an endless source of greeting card phrases, clip-art, etc.

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