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finished cards

Card Gallery
Finished Cards

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Use photographs, fabric, cardstock, needlecraft, stencils, paints, crayons, buttons, ribbon, flower petals and leaves, and just about any other item your creative side can imagine. Use stamps for text, or create your own text from your computer.

Card Gallery

free card project The card on the left used stencil and paint plus computer generated text.

The card on the right is a print out of a card first created using the Watercolor Stamping technique. The image was then scanned in and printed out to easily create many cards.

free card projects
The card on the left used a stencil with Delta "Stencil Paint Creme".

The card on the right used stencils with watercolor markers.

Both cards used comuter generated text.

Don't have a stamp? Use a text program to print out your own greetings!


Easter is a time
for family
for friends
for appreciation

We wish you
a very happy Easter!

Type your greeting. Scan in photos or use a digital camera. A color copier works well also. If I am especially pleased with a card's graphics, I will scan it to produce several. This saves a lot of time!

The card on the right used a scanned photo. Text was added to the photo using a graphics program.
free card greetings

free card projects

quilted card The card on the left is made from a scrap of fabric. Padding and stitching give the quilted effect. Quick and easy.

Quilted Card Project

free card projects
Left card used watercolor stamping
Right card is stenciled (computer text)
free card projects
Watercolor stamping
Ribbon was cut from wire ribbon

free card projects
Watercolor stamping
Computer text
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