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Phoenix bookkeeping services and classes
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Small Business Specialist - Phoenix area

Provided by: Christina Sherrod

For over 20 years, I have helped many small businesses grow to their full potential. Setting up an appropriate business system right at the start is the key to promoting success. Small businesses can't afford a team of experts, or a full time, high level accountant. That's where I come in. I will review your current bookkeeping practices and make any necessary corrections, or set up a system for you if you are a new business. I will train you, so that you can own your information. I will take the fear and mystery out of accounting and running your business, by teaching you critical skills.

I have a degree in economics, plus studied accounting and finance. I have over 20 years of hands on, real world experience. My clients have ranged from larger companies to small, one person operations. My goal is to teach my clients the basics of a good accounting / bookkeeping system, and set up sound accounting practices. As they learn and take over more functions, I can then cut back on my time, saving my clients money.

I used to hear CPA's and other professionals say, "Many small business owners shouldn't be running a business; they do not have the skills necessary." These professionals did not want to leave their office, roll up their sleeves and help small businesses. They preferred to work with big companies that had deep pockets.

I totally disagree with them. Small businesses are the backbone of this country's economy. Everyone with the desire to run his or her own company has the right to do so. Lack of accounting and business skills should not stand in the way.

I left Corporate America when my first child was born. I took on my own clients and I have never regretted it. I love to work with individuals who have a true passion for their craft, and for their business. They are willing to work hard and do what it takes to succeed. Most importantly, they are willing to learn how to run the business end of things in the way that is necessary for success.

Bookkeeping, Consulation, Training & Classes

I run two websites, (this sewing and crafting site, and Besides running my websites, I love to work with small business owners. I can take them from idea to online store, set up in-house custom financial reports, provide account reconciliation, train staff, or help with other specific areas. I now have openings for a few small business clients. My rates are very reasonable, because I understand just what the term "small business" means.

I can work with you one on one, to teach you skills (such as using QuickBooks) so that you can do everything yourself, or I can do some of your work on an on-going basis (such as enter and pay your bills, create financial statements, or go in monthly to reconcile all accounts).

I am also putting together a multi-module class for entrepreneurs. It will cover everything I teach my clients. Some of the areas covered are:

business license: why is this so important?
trademark (branding)
cash flow
business plan
product choice and pricing
QuickBooks accounting
marketing: fairs, website, store
payroll and hiring
plus many more subjects pertaining to running a successful business

Free Business Book
Read my free business book for an idea of what you will be learning.

Don't wait! Start your business today - or clean up the one you have (yes, I have cleaned up many messes).

I will only be taking on a few clients, so don't wait to contact me. If you prefer a class, and have some friends who are interested in taking a group class, we can arrange that as well. Turn your sewing, crafting or other skills into the business you have always dreamed of.

CONTACT ME for information on accounting services, private consultation or classes.