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custom bulletin board

Bulletin Board

Featuring the ColdHeat
Glue Gun

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1. Prepare Frame
Remove all parts from inside frame. Set aside cardboard backing.
2. Cut Cork
Lay cork flat on cardboard frame backing. Use small weights to hold down the cork. The cork must be cut to the same size as the cardboard.

Use an X-acto knife or rotary cutter to cut the cork. A large ruler or the edge of the cardboard works well for cutting a straight edge. I used a rotary cutter and cutting mat. It is important that the cork be cut the same size as the cardboard so it will fit nicely in the frame. Be sure you cut on a protective surface when cutting.
cut cork board

rotary cutting cork
3. Glue Cork
Use your glue gun to glue the cork to the cardboard. The ColdHeat gun worked very well. However, the glue dried very fast. I could not put down glue over the entire perimeter of the cardboard and then place the cork board down. The glue is at a low heat, so I found I had to work very quickly. I placed a line of glue at one edge of the cardboard and then pressed down the corresponding edge of the cork. I then placed more glue (perimeter and some in the center of the piece - to make crossing lines of glue from the corners) and pressed down a bit more cork board. I continued across the cardboard a little bit at a time until the entire board was glued down. On a test piece, the cork board could not be removed once the glue was dry. The hold was very strong. The glue gun was easy to use and the glue came out in a nice even flow.
glue cork
glue a small area at a time

glued cork
cork glued to cardboard

4. Cut Main Fabric
Cut your background fabric about 1" larger all the way around than your cork board. The fabric piece must be large enough so that the edges can be wrapped around to the back of the board.
cut fabric

5. Glue Main Fabric
Lay fabric on table, wrong side up. Lay cork board on fabric, cork side to fabric. Fold the edges of the fabric to the back side and use the glue gun to glue down the edges. Pull fabric edges gently so the fabric lies snuggly on the board.
glue edges of fabric
6. Apply First Ribbon
Using a diagonal pattern, glue the edges of the ribbon to the edges of the board. Do not glue ribbon anywhere except at the edge. Leave a small "tail" of ribbon (this will go under the frame which will help hold the ribbon). I placed my ribbon 4" apart. Choose any design that suits your own taste.
glue on ribbon
7. Apply Second Ribbon
Glue down the edges of the second ribbon to the edges of the board. I continued with my diagonal pattern. I wove the second ribbon over and under the first ribbon. Choose any design that suits your own taste.
glue second ribbon
8. Place Into Frame
Insert the board into the frame. Secure into place with tabs of frame. Note where the hangers are located on the back of the frame. Turn finished board right side up. Be sure the back hanger is at the top of your board.
finished ribbons

9. Make Pockets - Sew or No Sew
Turn under 1/4" all the way around each pocket. Press. Stitch under the hem or use fusible web to hold hem. Place the pockets onto the board in the pattern of your choice. I placed the large one in the lower left corner and the three smaller pockets along the right edge.

Glue the pockets in place. NOTE: Glue only the two sides and lower edge of each pocket.

Glue decorative items onto the pockets.

finished pocket finished pocket

finished board As a finishing touch, we glued daisies to the ribbons where they crossed.

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