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All Natural Body Scrub

with grapeseed oil

instructions & recipe

body scrub
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Natural Body Scrub With Essential Oils

Designer: Aleah Sherrod

Revitalize your skin with your own, hamemade, all natural scrub. Using sugar, oils and water, create a healing, soothing, exfoliating scrub. Choose oils according to your own taste and needs. 

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Check with your doctor before using any product on your skin. Essential oils can cause allergic reactions in some people. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions.

There are no preservatives in this product; therefore keep it sealed and use it in a timely manner.


Use any size glass jar or container you wish.


1/2 cup sugar + 1 tablespoon

3/8 cup grapeseed oil (NOT essential oil) 
I chose an oil that contained vitamin E 

10 drops essence (essential oil of your choice - I chose lavender) 

mixing bowl, spoon, measuring cups and tablespoon measure 

change ingredients per your taste

body scrub supplies   lavender essential oil


1. Gather Supplies

clean suppliesUse clean measuring tools and a clean mixing bowl. Remember there are no preservatives in this all natural product.

2. Add Sugar

add sugar Pour 1/2 cup plus one tablespoon sugar into the bowl.

3. Add Grapeseed Oil

add grapeseed oil Add the grapeseed oil. Stir.

4. Add Essence

add essential oil Add the essential oil of your choice. Stir.

If you are making the scrub for a male, you might choose sandalwood or other, more masculine, scent. You can choose a fragrance oil, rather than essential oil. Remember to consider possible allergies. Essential oils are said to have various healing properties. Research to find the best oil for your needs.

5. Check Consistency

scrub is too dry The batch shown on the right is too dry. If this happens, simply add a bit more oil.

Just Right

good consistency The batch shown in the photo is perfect. It should be the consistency of cream of wheat.

6. Move To Storage Container

pour scrub into jar Using a clean spoon, spoon your new scrub into a container that can be closed. I chose a glass jar that has a tightly sealing lid.

Finished Scrub

jar I store my scrub in the jar and spoon out a small amount as needed for use in my shower (see "Proper Storage" below).

Proper Storage

grapeseed oil My scrub is stored in the tightly sealed jar shown above. For daily use, I use a tupperware container, sealed with a lid. I spoon some scrub from the glass jar into the tupperware container as needed. There are two reasons for this. I am not constantly putting my fingers into the scrub that's in the jar (no preservatives, remember), and I do not want glass in the shower due to safety concerns. I use my wonderful scrub every day, so I go through it fairly quickly. From face to legs, I love the feel and scent of my skin - from my own, all natural lavender scrub!

Although the sugar and essential oil has no preservative, the grapeseed skin oil you choose might have some preservative and anti-bacterial ingredients.

I bought all my ingredients at "Whole Foods".

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