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Decorative Bling Box

Create A Custom Box

gift or keepsake box

bling box project
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Personalized Decorative Box

Designer: Kayla Sherrod

This is a fun project that creates a beautiful storage, gift, or keepsake box. For gift giving, Create a box that fits your special occasion. For storage, this box is perfect for personal items such as medicine, make-up and other items that you want to hide, yet keep handy. As a keepsake box, decorate to suit the momentos you cherish.

Dress up any box with bling, ribbon, paper, fabric, press-on letters, buttons, or other decor. Turn an ordinary box into a fun piece. The best part of this project is you can use scraps and little "odds and ends" you have left over from other craft and sewing projects.

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Box Size

Use any size you wish for this project. I wanted to store personal items that I needed to keep handy (keys, papers, mail, etc.), so I chose a large shoe box. I lived in a studio apartment at the time I made this box, so I knew the box would always be in sight. Therefore, I chose colors and decor to match my apartment. I was planning a move to another city, so "faith, love & hope" were important themes.


bling box supplies

one box with lid

paint (if you need to paint the box - I used a black spray paint)


trim (feathers, beads, ribbon, strips of fabric, stick-on trim)

press on letters (for words such as "faith", your name, etc.)



Sewing Supplies

sewing scissors
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)


All seams are 1/4"

1. Choose Supplies

Lay out all of the decorating supplies and decide how you want to use them on your box. Think about the use of the finished project. Is it for a special occasion? Gift box? Personal box? Choose supplies that best suit the purpose of the box and create style you wish to achieve.

2. Paint Box

If needed, paint the box. Allow to thorougly dry. Sponge paint, stencil, paint patterns (tape off areas), or paint a solid color. I chose a black spray paint.

3. Adhere Decor To Box

Use glue to fasten the items to the box (or press on if the item contains self adhesive backing) once you decide on placement of the embellishments. I glued the ribbon (zebra type print around the sides of the box top); the other items all contained self-adhesive backing.

4. Check The Finished Item

Look at the box. Does it have the look you had in mind? Does it need more color? More bling? For this project, I placed a few single bling stones at random to fill in space on the box top. The overall look was simple, but effective.

bling decorative box

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