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Beaded Earrings

Use Holiday Colors!

♥ super easy ♥

easy beaded holiday earring instructions

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Easy Beaded Earrings

Designer: Aleah Sherrod

easy beaded earringsThese easy-to-make earrings have a very low per pair cost - your cost will depend on type of beads used. They are so fun to make, you'll want to make several. Coordinate with clothing, or use holiday colors. This is a fabulous "first bead project".

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The size of your earrings will depend on the size and quantity of the beads used.


bead earring supplies NOTE: Use sterling silver for head pins and ear wires, if possible. I recommend purchasing your supplies from a reputable bead supply store. Cheaper pins and wires tend to break after being bent a few times, and are more difficult to work with. Prices listed on this page were what I paid in September 2004.

Head Pins: These are straight pins with a small flat head, made for earrings. Beads are fed onto this pin. My pins came in a bag of 100 (enough for 50 pairs of earrings) for $8.00. 
Ear Wires:   Choose a style you like. I bought a bag with enough for 10 pairs of earrings for $5.70.  
Beads:   Choose your own colors and styles, but be sure the holes are small - just large enough to fit over the head pin. The beads shown on this page came in a bag - the entire bag shown below was only $1.05. Beads range in price, of course, depending on quality and type. Hand blown glass beads, for example, would be much more expensive.  
Wire Cutter:   A good wire cutting tool is a must. It is used to cut the head pin to the correct length. 
Wire Twisting Tool:   I prefer the style that has round ends (rather than with one flat edge); use whatever style you are comfortable with. The wire is bent around this tool. 

c Close-up of ear wires and head pins.


1. String Beads

feed bead onto head pinPlace the beads onto the head pin as shown in the following photo. The flat "head" of the pin will hold the beads on the pin. Continue adding beads until you have the desired earring length. Repeat with the second earring.

2. Cut Head Pin Wire

cut earring head pin After your beads are on the head pin, cut off the excess head pin wire, leaving enough to curl around a couple of times. The second photo shows cut and uncut head pin wires.

earring directions

3. Twist Head Pin Wire

earring makingUsing your wire twisting tool, twist the straight wire into a small circle. This works best by gripping the wire at the top, curling it over once, then repositioning the tool and curling it again, etc. Do this a few times until the wire is curled up into a small circle. NOTE: See step 4 for photos of different sizes of the circle. The size you make depends on your own taste. The second photo shows curled and uncurled head pin wires.

beaded earring directions

4. Open The Ear Wire

open ear wireUsing your wire twisting tool, gently open the end of the ear wire (the end where the earring attaches). Pry it out a bit so that you can slip the circle end of the head pin through it. Repeat with the second ear wire.

5. Finish The Earrings

finished earringsSlip the curled end of the earring's head pin through the ear wire. Use the wire twising tool to tighten the opening of the ear wire around the earring head pin. 

NOTE: In the earrings on the right, one pair was made with a very small circle on the head pin, and the other was made with a larger circle (not twisting the wire as tightly - see step 3).

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