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Body Lotion

Refreshing Citrus

instructions & recipe

refreshing citrus body lotion recipe
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Hand Made Lotion

Designer: Christina Sherrod

Choose fragrances, oils and vitamins depending on the desired effect. Dress up your lotion by adding ribbon, personal labels, product tags or other decor. Give as a meaningful gift, or pamper yourself with healing, luxurious lotion.

See my Lotion Supplies directory for a list of sites that sell essential oils, unscented lotions, bottles, and other packaging.

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Aromatherapy is the art of using the essential oils of plants to achieve emotional and physical well being. Essential oils are said to have a wide range of qualities, such as antiseptic, muscle soothing, and skin rejuvenating to name a few. There are several good sources for information on the various qualities of different oils. Sources can be found on the internet or your local library. Do your research, and decide which oils are best for you. 

NOTE: See a dermatologist or doctor of naturopathy before using essential oils if you have any skin conditions or allergies.

Essential and perfume oils vary in strength depending upon method of extraction. A general rule is that more expensive oils are purer. Adjust quantity to your personal taste. 

Essential oils are extremely concentrated. NEVER use them undiluted directly on the skin. Keep all oils and perfumes away from the eyes. Do NOT ingest. Work in a well ventilated area for a limited time.

Ingredients & Supplies: Refreshing Citrus Lotion

lotion materials

Essential Oils
I chose lemongrass, grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils for the beneficial effects they are said to have on the skin. Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years, and their qualities are well known to aromatherapists.

lemongrass: antiseptic, reduces aches and pains 
grapefruit: astringent, detoxifier 
sweet orange: disinfectant, enhances skin

Other Materials & Ingredients  
unscented lotion base ** (good quality, unscented lotion) 
vitamin E oil (plus any other vitamin oils you are using, such as A or D) 
large non-porous bowl * 
large non-porous spoon 
lotion container 
cap (pump type or regular) 
medicine dropper 

* stainless steel or glass

** Go to Lotion Supplies for a list of supply websites that carry lotion base, essential oils, and lotion containers.

Ready Made Lotion Base
I use a good quality base that contains aloe vera and vitamin D. You can add aloe vera gel (use good quality pure aloe vera). The reason I use a ready made base is that it is mixed nicely and contains preservative. Choose a base that has a preservative that you are comfortable with. Without preservative the lotion will mold and grow other impurities. Natural preservatives are available, so read the ingredients list. Research the ingredients or contact the seller if you need further information.

Computing Amounts Needed

I use 5 drops each of the essential oils to each 12 oz. (1.5 cups) of lotion that I am making, and I add approximately 8 drops each of vitamins E and A depending on the lotion base that I am using (some bases contain a nice amount of vitamins E and A already). 

I usually make my lotions in large batches. Adjust the amount of essential oils and vitamins according to the amount of lotion base you are using. For example, my lotion bottles hold 4 oz. (1/2 cup)of lotion. 15 bottles would be 60 oz., or 5 times the amount needed for 12 oz. To make 15 bottles, 1/2 cup each, use 25 drops of each essential oil, mixed into 60 oz. of lotion base (7.5 cups). Add approximately 40 drops of vitamin E oil. 

I purchase my lotion base in a 1 gallon container, which is 128 oz. This is enough to make 32 4-oz. bottles of lotion, or 16 8-oz. bottles of lotion, or 10 12-oz. bottles of lotion (with a bit left over). If I used 1 full gallon of lotion, I would need 50 drops of each of my essential oils. I have found that I get about 150 drops of essential oil per 1/4 oz. of oil.


Wash hands and work in a clean area. 

1.   Pour lotion base into bowl. 

2.   Using the medicine dropper, add the appropriate amount of drops of each essential oil and mix. 

3.   Use the funnel to pour the mixed lotion into the lotion container(s). 

NOTE: Keep your lotion making supplies separate from food preparation supplies. In other words, do not prepare food in items used for lotion making. I store my lotion making measuring cups, bowls, and other items in a box in my craft area.

Create A Label

Purchase water proof labels for ink jet or use a laser printer to print your labels. Create your labels in a text or graphics program. I used Paint Shop Pro to create my graphic layout, then printed to water proof labels.

If you cannot obtain waterproof labels, paint over your labels using a clear varnish. It is important that your labels be waterproof.

Information To Include On Label
Your label should list ALL ingredients. This would include the ingredients listed on the lotion base, as well as any essential oils and vitamin oils you added.

Sample Label Information:

Citrus Blend Body Lotion (or your name for your lotion)
With Pure Essential Oils

Grapfruit, lemongrass & sweet orange pure essential oils, plus aloe vera and vitamins A, D & E.

The next area would list ALL ingredients of the base lotion.

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