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Shaped Burp Cloth

fits nicely over the shouder

shaped burp cloth

Burp Cloth

shaped to fit neck and shoulder

Quick & Easy

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Nicely Shaped Burp Cloth

Using only 1/4 yard of 45" fabric, this burp cloth is just what every parent or grandparent needs. It fits nicely around the neck - no bunching up. If your fabric is less than 45" wide, use 1/2 yard or make the burp cloth shorter.

Create a snuggly place for your favorite baby by using a soft flannel.

Supplies Needed Burp Cloth

1/4 yard of 45" width cotton flannel (non-flannel cottons can be used, but flannel absorbs better and is softer against a baby's skin). If your fabric is not 45" wide, you will need 1/2 yard (or you can make the cloth slightly shorter).

Download Our Pattern

shaped baby burp cloth Our pattern will download as a pdf file. NOTE: save the pattern to your computer. Open the file from your computer and print. If you print from the browser it might print to the wrong size. For more instructions and information on using pdf files, go to:
 PDF Instructions.

Bottom Left Pattern

Bottom Right Pattern

Left/Right Top Pattern C

thread to match background of fabric
large sewing ruler
rotary cutter with cutting mat (or scissors)


Your fabric will shrink, so pre-wash, dry and press before using.

Pattern Lay-out & Cutting Instructions

lay out and cut burp cloth pattern Cut out your pattern pieces and tape them together as shown on the right. Fold the fabric over from one end just far enough to fit the pattern onto the double layer. Align the top of the pattern with the folded edge of the fabric as shown on the right. Pin the pattern into place and cut out the fabric. Fold the remaining fabric piece and place the fabric on it in the same way you did the first piece and cut out the second piece of fabric. NOTE: the second piece is the back fabric. It can be contrast fabric or the same fabric as the top piece.

Sewing Instructions

Place your pieces right sides together. Pin the pieces together. Using a ¼" seam allowance, stitch around the outer edge, right sides together, leaving most of one short edge open for turning.

Turn right side out. Press under the unstitched edges ¼". Topstitch around the entire outer edge approximately 1/8" from the edge.

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