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shirt front

St. Patrick's Day
Shamrock Applique

Lesson: Fusible Web

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3. Iron the web to the green fabric. Follow the directions on the iron-on adhesive. Be sure that the rough side is next to the wrong of your fabric (there was no real right and wrong side to my fabric). The paper side should be toward your iron. iron web to fabric
4. After the pieces have cooled, cut out the letters and shamrocks. Use sharp scissors for extra precision. I placed the letters on the original pattern in order to keep track of them. This can be helpful when working with several small pieces. cut out pieces
5. Peel off the paper from the applique pieces. When the paper is peeled off, the adhesive will remain on the applique piece. peel off web paper
6. Try on your shirt and use a pin to mark the placement of the shamrocks (we put the shamrocks on the front of the shirt and the letters on the back of the shirt). When you are sure of placement, iron the shamrocks to the shirt. The side with the adhesive should be toward the shirt (if you have it toward the iron, the adhesive will make a mess on your iron). iron on the applique
7. Accuracy is more important when placing the letters. I placed my large sewing ruler in a straight line from sleeve to sleeve (at the underarm area). If you do not have such a ruler, use a yardstick. Mark the center of the shirt. Place the bottom row of letters so that they are centerd on the shirt and in a straight line with the top of your ruler. When you are happy with the placement, iron the letters onto the shirt. lay out letters
8. Place the upper row of letters (again centering the letters) about 1/2 inch above the lower line of letters. Iron the upper row of letters onto the shirt. oron letters
9. After the appliques have cooled your shirt will be ready for painting. If you prefer, you can sew an applique stitch around the pieces. You can also omit this step. I like to add an outline of paint or applique stitching because it gives a more finished look. If you use paint, the shirt will be washable. Turn it inside out and use a gentle cycle. DO NOT MACHINE DRY THE SHIRT. Let the shirt air dry. Over time, the paint will come loose. It can be re-applied. Use a piece of cardboard or wood inside the shirt to give it stability while you are painting. paint outline

Use a paper towel to test your paint. Apply a small amount of pressure to your tube of paint and paint a line onto the paper towel. This will test for even flow. If there is a bit of dry paint on the tip of the tube, more pressure is needed to get the paint flowing. It can suddenly start to flow and you can end up with a large glob of paint on your project. Every few lines or so I re-test my paint on the paper towel. You can also practice making a few lines on the towel. I like an even, thin line. Others prefer bold, thicker lines. Use your own preference.

Paint one side of the shirt. Allow 24 hours to dry before painting the second side.
close up of paint

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