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Happy Day Applique

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Happy Day Applique
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Page 2: Happy Day Applique PatternsFusible Web Lesson
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Happy Day Applique Pattern

I created my "Happy Day Applique" (shown above) for my fusible web (fusible adhesive) lesson. While stitching it together, I was occasionally glancing out the window of my sewing room. Lizards were sunning themselves on the rocks (I live in Arizona), birds were singing, and it was a beautiful day. I thought, "What a happy day this is." Hence the name.

Overall Size

The finished size of the item is 23.5" x 9.5"

NOTE: If you are not familiar with creating appliques using fusible adhesive, go back to page one.


General Applique Supplies: sharp scissors, quilting pins, large sewing ruler, seam ripper, Fusible web (also called iron-on adhesive, or fusible adhesive), fabric for applique, machine embroidery thread (optional: for stitching around the applique), applique pattern (to trace onto the paper backing of the fusible adhesive).

For This Project:
Use fabrics of your choice. I will refer to fabrics I used.

Flower blocks (two blocks):
2 pieces white background fabric, each measuring 6.5" x 9.5"
6 pieces of fabric for flowers, each measuring 2.5" x 2.5"
2 pieces of fabric for vases, each measuring 2" x 4"

Basket Block:
1 fat quarter for basket and handle (22" x 18")
9.5" square of fabric for background
1 piece of fabric measuring 2" x 2" for heart
2 pieces of fabric for bordering the basket block, each measuring 1.5" x 9.5"

Other Supplies:
machine embroidery thread (I used variegated green for flower stems, variegated oranges for flower center, gold for basket, white for heart and flowers)
thread to match background (for stitching blocks together)
binding, batting, & backing fabric (enough for a finished item that measures 23.5" x 9.5")
Fabric for hanging sleeve (I made a sleeve from a strip of backing fabric measuring 3" x 14.5")

1. Draw Basket Pattern

create triangle pattern Draw a straight line 8" across
Find the center of that line, and make a dot 4" under the line, in the center. Connect the ends of the line with the dot. You now have a triangle that is 4" high and 8" wide. Draw lines out from the side lines, perpendicular. You now have a basket pattern.

2. Create Heart Applique

fuse adhesive to applique fabric Draw a heart on the paper side of a 2" square piece of fusible web. Follow the directions on the iron-on adhesive to fuse it to the wrong side of your heart applique fabric. Be sure that the rough side is next to the back of your fabric. The paper side should be toward your ironing board (away from the fabric piece, because it will be pulled off). After the adhesive is ironed onto your applique piece, cut out the heart; then remove the paper backing.

3. Create Flower Pieces

flower applique pattern Cut a piece of paper 2.5" square. Draw a flower on it similar to mine. When you are happy with the pattern, trace six of them onto the paper side of fusible web. Using an iron, fuse the web onto the wrong side of your flower fabric.

Cut out the flowers. Peel off the paper backing from the applique pieces.

Flower Center: If you wish to add flower centers, cut six round circles for the centers. Iron fusible web onto the wrong side of the circles. Peel off the paper. I had fabric that had a design of circles - perfect for this project.

4. Create Basket & Handle

pin basket handle for basket applique Cut out your basket pattern. Lay your basket pattern onto the paper side of fusible web. The fusible web should be just large enough for the basket pattern. Trace the basket onto the fusible web (paper side). Fuse the fusible web to the wrong side of the basket fabric. Leave enough fabric to cut a bias strip of 10" x 1". The handle must be cut on the bias because it will formed into a half circle. The fabric needs to be able to stretch into shape. Cut out the basket applique piece. Remove the paper backing.

Lay down the basket block background fabric, right side up (I used a 9.5" square of white with gold flowers).

Cut the handle on the bias (45" from straight of grain). The handle should be 10" x 1".

Press under the two long edges of the handle, about 1/4".

Draw a 6" circle.

Place the fabric applique on the background fabric so that approximately 1.25" is under the basket. Place the circle so that the center is at the top of the basket. Using the circle as a guide, pin the handle onto the background fabric. You will need to gently guide the handle around to form a circle. Place a pin or other mark on the side of the block so you will know where the top of the basket should be.

5. Stitch Handle & Fuse Basket

stitch basket handle for basket applique Remove the circle pattern and basket. Hand stitch the basket handle into place, using tiny stitches.

6. Finish Basket Block

finish basket block Remove the paper backing from the basket and heart if you have not done so already. Place the basket applique on over the handle ends. Using an iron, fuse into place. Fuse the heart into place.

Your basket block is now completed.

7. Make Floral Block (make two blocks)

draw stems to stitch Following the same instructions, create vase and flower appliques. The vases are 2" x 4" pieces of fabric.

See step 3 above for creating flower appliques.

I placed my vases 1.25" up from the bottom of the block, and 1.5" in from the side of the block. I arranged my blocks so they were opposites. The vase was to the left on the left block, and to the right side on the right block. Arrange yours per your tastes.

Fuse the flowers and vase to the background piece (6.5" x 9.5").

I used a pencil to lightly draw stems from the vase to each flower. I then used a machine satin stitch to outline the flowers and flower centers. I also used a machine satin stitch to create the stems.

using stabilizer Importance Of Stabilizer
Place stabilizer under the piece you are machine embroidering. It will add stability to the fabric being embroidered. Without it, the embroidery will probably not be optimal.

Finish The Wall Hanging

attach connecting strips Cut two strips of fabric, each measuring 1.5" x 9". Stitch them onto each end of the basket block, right sides together, using a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seams toward strips.

finished wall hanging quilt top

Layer, bind, and add a hanging sleeve.
For instructions, go to:
Assemble, Bind & Add Sleeve Lesson

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