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Kitchenaid Mixer Cover

Appliance Cover Pattern

Kitchenaid mixer cover pattern

This pattern fits a Kitchenaid mixer. Customize for your needs.
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2. Stitch Ends To Sides & Top

Top / Sides / End
Pin, right sides together, the long side-top piece to one end. Start by centering one edge of the long piece and aligning it with the top center of the end piece. Gently ease around the curves of the top of the end piece.

pin end piece to side-top piece

pin pieces

pin pieces

fuse fleece to lining Stitch the end to the side/top piece. Your outer shell is now complete.

Iron the fusible fleece pieces to the wrong side of the lining pieces. If you are not using fusible fleece, baste batting pieces to the wrong side of the lining.

NOTE: The fusible fleece holds the fleece to the lining, but it is not a strong bond. I fuse it, then machine baste around the edges.

Pin and stitch the lining pieces (with fleece or batting attached) together the same way you constructed the outer shell.

assemble layers 3. Assemble Layers
1. Turn the outside layer right side out.
2. Turn the lining layer inside out and insert it up into the mixer cover. In other words, the wrong side of the lining will face the wrong side of the outer layer. This way, your cover will finished nicely inside and out.

assemble layers Use hand quilting or machine quilting in several places to hold the three layers together OR use a small stitch to tack the layers together in the corners. I did this on one cover and omitted this step on my other covers. Follow your own preference.

Finishing - no border / with binding

For binding instructions, go to: Assemble and Bind A Quilt.

Finishing - with border and hem

stitch hem The outer layer will extend over the lining by 1". Turn the outer layer under 1/2". Press. Fold under another 1/2". Press. Place the lower edge of the lining inside the hem of the outer piece. You will now have a 1/2" hem. Hand or machine stitch the hem into place.

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