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Kitchenaid Mixer Cover

Appliance Cover Pattern

Kitchenaid mixer cover pattern

This pattern fits a Kitchenaid mixer.
Change dimensions as needed for other appliances.

fully lined - nicely finished

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Appliance Cover Pattern - variations

This pattern was designed for a Kitchenaid electric mixer. Measurements can be adjusted to fit your mixer, blender, toaster, or other kitchen appliance.

The cover is made in three layers: lining, batting (I use fusible fleece) and outer fabric layer. It uses just two pattern pieces: one for the two ends and one for the sides/top.

The photo at the top of this page shows a cover I made with a 2" border. The border can be omitted. I will include instuctions for adding a border. Without the border, your cover will look look like the one shown below, in the fall leaf print. I like to use different fabrics for different seasons.

NOTE: Our Pieced Mixer Cover is more difficult. It cuts the front into pieces and adds a small quilt block to the side.

Kitchenaid Mixer

Kitchenaid mixer cover sewing pattern

Size Of Cover

overall size: Measures approximately 16" tall x 16" deep x 12" wide

From the lower edge of one side, up over the top, and down to the edge on the opposite side, the measurement is 38".


I will refer to the fabric used in this project. Substitute for your fabric. Assumes fabric is at least 40" wide.

Outer fabric (use multi-directional print): 1 yard
Fusible Fleece: 1 yard (crafter's felt or batting can be used instead - also assume 40" wide)
Lining: 1 yard of 40" lining fabric
Bias binding (optional - for lower edge): 2 yards of 1/4" or 1/2" binding

TIP: If you wish to use pre-quilted fabric(outer fabric, lining and betting are already stitched together in layers), but can't find just what you need, you can create it yourself. Learn how with our Prequilted Fabric Instructions.

General Supplies
thread to match background, scissors or rotary cutter and mat, quilting pins, large sewing ruler, fabric marking pencils, seam ripper

Pattern Pieces

You might need to modify the measurements of the sides, top and front to fit the dimensions of your mixer.

Click the following links to save the pattern to your computer. Open them on your computer and then print. I have found that if I print directly from the browser, the pattern sometimes prints to an incorrect size. I provide a dimension on one pattern piece so you can check size. If you need further instruction on using pdf files, go to:

Pattern A
Pattern B
Pattern C
Pattern D

Instructions - no border

All seams are 1/4"

1. Create Pattern Pieces / Cut Fabric

Front/Back Piece

For the front and back, print the pattern pieces above and cut them out along the solid lines. Overlay them as shown on the right by placing the dashed lines of B directly over the dashed lines of A. Tape pattern pieces A an B together. Do the same with D and C. Then tape A-B to C-D. The dot in the corner of each piece should all lay one on top of the other. This creates the pattern piece you will use to cut out the front and back.

tape together pieces A and B

tape together pieces A-B and C-D

cut out fabric Cut Out Fabric
Sides/ Top: Open up the fabric. Cut across the fabric (selvage to selvage) to cut one piece measuring 38" x 16.5". Do this for the outer fabric, batting and lining. This will be the piece that creates the two sides and top.

Front/Back: Use the pattern piece you created (pattern piece A-B-C-D) to cut two pieces (one for front and one for back) from the outer fabric, batting and lining.

Instructions - adding 2" border plus 1" hem

border Follow step 1 above for creating the pattern pieces. Use those pattern pieces as is for the fleece and lining fabric. Cut the main fleece and lining for the main piece 16.5" x 38" just as you would for a cover without a border.

Here is the change:
FOR THE OUTER FABRIC, cut the main piece 34.5" x 16.5". Fold under the lower edge of the end pattern piece 1.75". Cut two border strips, each 3.25" x 16.5". Cut two border strips, each 3.25" x 13.25"

Stitch the longer strips to each end of the main cover piece. Stitch the shorter strips to the lower edge of each end piece.

Your main cover piece should measure 40" The end pieces should extend 1" over the lower edge of the end pattern piece. This allows for a hem when the piece is finished (a total of 1" will be turned under all the way around)

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