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Gazing Cat Applique Pattern

Stuffed Cat Body & Machine Embroidery

wall hanging, pillow or quilt block

Gazing Cat free applique pattern
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The body of this cat is slightly stuffed, giving it a nice 3 dimensional look. Use your favorite applique method.

If you want to hem under the edges, add 1/4" around all pattern pieces. For an easier method, cut pattern pieces as is, and use Fusible Web to quickly and easily attach pieces; then use paint, hand or machine stitching to further secure the edges. I recommend satin stitching. Remember to leave an area open for stuffing.

Assemble Background Layer

stitch sky to grass 1. Stitch sky to ground, right sides together. Press seams.

stitch side sills 2. Stitch the two side sills to the grass-sky block. Press seams.

trim edges even 3. Trim your block even on all edges. It should measure 8.5" x 11.5", but this is not all that important. What is important is that it be even at this point. No one will notice if your sills measure a bit wider or more narrow, but they will notice if the sills are not straight.

4. Stitch the top and bottom sills. NOTE: they will extend 1/4" beyond the edge of each end of the block (the top and bottom sills are 12" and the block is 11.5"). Press seams.

5. After all the sills are stitched onto the block, trim again as necessary.

trace pattern 6. Lay the cat pattern under a piece of fusible web (fusible web should be paper side up). Trace the cat pattern onto the fusible web. Use a window or light box if necessary.

Following instructions on the fusible web package, iron the web onto the wrong side of the cat fabric. Cut out cat and tail. Remove paper backing.

pin window 7. Check placement. Lay the window block onto the 16" square background piece. Lay the tail down; lay the cat over the tail. DO NOT iron anything at this point.

When happy with the placement, remove the cat pieces and pin the window block into place. The window block should be centered horizontally. It should be approximately 3" from the bottom edge of the background piece. Use your own judgement on placement, but be sure the window is straight and allows for the cat tail to have space.

8. Baste the window into place, stitching close to the edges (1/8" from edge) or hand applique the block into place.

HINT: If using machine applique, I recommend a satin stitch. Place Stabilizer under your piece before attempting machine applique or machine embroidery. I cut the stabilizer a little larger than the window block. Basting the piece in place before stitching with a satin stitch is important. It will hold your piece while you stitch. It is very difficult to remove satin stitching, so it is important that the piece be held securely.

9. Place cat and tail onto the lower sill (tail goes down first). When you are happy with the placement, remove the cat body and iron down the tail, following directions on the fusible web package.

stuff cat 10. Take a bit of stuffing and place it on the area where the cat body will be. Place the cat body over the stuffing and iron the cat body into place, following directions on the fusible web package. Be sure to press securely around all edges.

press_edges HINT: Do NOT overstuff the body area. Do not allow stuffing to get too close to edges; a good bond is needed along the edges.

Allow to cool. Baste around edges of cat body; satin stitch (or use hand applique stitch and turn edges under).

machine embroidery Add machine or hand embroidery at this point. I used free motion embroidery and our Sulky Blendable® thread from our store. We will be opening our store again in the future, so use the menu at the top of this page to check on our store status. For instructions on free motion embroidery, go to Free Motion Machine Embroidery Lesson.

Finish Wall Hanging Or Pillow

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Page 2: directions
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