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Hand Made Hair Clips

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button and embroidery floss DIY hair clips
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Button & Embroidery Floss Hair Clip

Designer: Aleah Sherrod

Use one color, or multiple colors of embroidery floss to wrap the metal hair clip. Choose fun, casual or elegant buttons to coordinate with the floss. 

Remember to check out page 1 to learn how to make a flower hair clip.

Hair Clip Size

Customize your finished clip size by changing the size of the button and underlying clip.

Supplies: button & embroidery floss clip

button hair clip supplies hot glue gun
embroidery floss
(50mm) metal hair clip
embroidery needle (for floss)

Directions: buttons & embroidery floss hair clip

NOTE: All ties are triple or quadruple knots

1. Attach Embroidery Floss

wind floss around metal for handmade hair clip Turn the clip wrong side up. Run the embroidery floss up through the hole in the end of the clip (as shown on the right). Wind the floss around one side of the clip, down around the tip end, and up the opposide side, completely encasing the outer metal part of the clip.

2. Tie Off Floss

tie floss for hair clip a. Tie the ends of the floss together on the right side of the clip. Trim. The reason it is tied on the right side is that the knot will be covered by the button. Here is what I did: I brought both ends up through the hole, then wrapped one end around the tong to secure it, then tied the ends together.

3. Attach Button

attach button to hair clip Turn the clip right side up. Using a new piece of floss, turn the button over and run the floss through the button holes as shown on the right.

floss and button handmade hair clip Pull the second end of the floss down through the hole. Pull tight so that the button is flat to the front of the clip. Tie in the back. Trim. As with the floss in step 2, I tied one end around the tong. This kept the knot from slipping through the hole, and it more tightly secured the button. I also applied a bit of glue to the backside of the button, using a hot glue gun.

Attaching the button is a bit tricky. You can bring both ends up through the hole, then run one end through the button holes. As in step 2, wind one end around the tong. Pull the ends and tie them off. If this is too difficult, but you want the look of floss in the button holes, you can get the same look without having to actually tie the button to the clip. Working with only the button, run the floss through the button holes a few times and tie off on back of the button; then hot glue the button into place on the clip.

Go to page 1 for flower hair clip instructions

DIY hair clip

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