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Hand Made Hair Clips

page 1: flower hair clips

hand made hair clips
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Page 1: flower hair clip
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DIY Hair Clips

Designer: Aleah Sherrod

From casual to elegant, create your own hair clips using fabric, lace, buttons, floss and other decorative items. 

I feature two different designs to get you started. Page one features flower clips; page two features a button & embroidery floss clip. Use your imagination and creativity and your own choice of fabrics to create hair clips that are uniquely your own.

Hair Clip Size

Customize your finished clip size by changing the size of the underlying clip, flowers, buttons and other items.

Supplies: flower clip

hair clip supplies hot glue gun
embroidery floss
(50mm) metal hair clip
embroidery needle (for floss)
1 strip of tulle or lace measuring 60" x 1" (I purchased 1/4 yard of 60" wide tulle, then cut across the width to create a strip 1" x 60" - this left enough to create several more hair clips) 


Our pattern will download as a pdf file, and will print to an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to:  PDF Instructions.

Download Flower Hair Clip Pattern

The correct printed size is approximately 4.5" high x 5" wide.

Directions: flower clip

1. Cut Flower Base

cut base flower for handmade hair clipCut the base flower shape from felt. Use our pattern or draw one of your own, measuring approximately 4" high x 5 long".

2. Create Tulle / Lace Layer

cut lace strip for hair clip a. Cut a strip of lace/tulle.

create lace layer for handmade hair clip b. Fold lace to create a layer that fills base flower area.

Cut a circle shape from felt. This will be used in the next step for holding the tulle.

lace layer The following photo shows the finished tulle/lace layer.

Run a line of glue around the inner edge of the tulle/lace, and apply some glue to felt layer in the "hole" created by the tulle/lace circle.

glue holder for hand made hair clip c. Glue the holder on top of the tulle layer. This ensures the tulle stays in place.

Check for loose areas. Apply more glue as necessary. All layers should now be securely glued into place.

3. Create Inner Flower

cut fabric strip for inner flower a. Cut a strip of cotton fabric.

gather edge using floss b. Using a needle and embroidery floss, sew a gathering stitch along one side of the fabric strip. Pull the ends of the floss to gather the fabric along the stitched edge, creating a circle from the fabric strip.

tie off ends of floss c. Tie the ends of the floss, securing the strip into a circular shape. Overlap the end edges of the fabric strip and adjust gathers as necessary.

inner flower tied The following photo shows the inner flower finished and ready to be attached to the hair clip piece.

stitch button to inner flower d. Using a needle and embroidery floss, stitch the button onto the center of the inner, fabric flower. Run the floss from the button to the upper fabric layer (not through all layers). It works best to keep the floss loop large and run it through a few times between the button and fabric, then pull tight, wind around the button shaft a few times, then tie off and trim. Add a bit of glue if you feel it is needed.

inner flower finished The following photo shows the completed flower piece - ready to attach to metal clip.

4. Glue Clip To Flower Piece

inner flower finished Turn the flower over (wrong side up). Glue the metal clip to the felt surface, using the hot glue gun. Be sure to glue the top side of the clip to the felt surface, keeping the part that opens toward you.

Optional Step

DIY hair clip Place another piece of backing under the clip, on the back of the flower. This is done to assist in the fit, if needed.

DIY hair clip Finished hair clip - beautiful!


DIY hair clip This is another example of a flower hair clip. Notice how changing the button design, bottom fabric print and type of lace creates a very different appearance. In this case, I omitted the top fabric layer entirely and used more lace. I also cut the flower petals separately and overlaid them, so they overlap one another. Play with the shape of the underlying flower to change the appearance further.

DIY Braided Button

DIY hair clip I made the "button" by braiding embroidery floss. I then coiled it around and glued it on the back.

Continue to page 2 for button clip instructions

handmade hair clip

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